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If you want to enjoy the beauty of lush green hills on a lazy weekend and hear eerie stories of a strong evil force capturing a hotel room, then head to Lonavala and stay at the Raj Kiran Hotel. Lonavala, which is one of the favourite holiday place for people of Mumbai and Pune, also has this haunted hotel infamous for its ghostly resident.

Spooky room of the Raj Kiran Hotel

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Photo by Black_Room

The Raj Kiran Hotel is quite an ordinary hotel, which hosts many weekenders visiting Lonavala for fun trips. There is not much history about the haunting, but apparently, one of the rooms in the hotel is said to be possessed by a Jinn or an evil spirit. The evil spirit doesn’t like if anyone is allotted that particular room and then creates lots of disturbances for the guests. The staff of the hotel will definitely tell you many tales of the ghostly interferences. Guests have experienced weird occurrences in the room. Their sheets have been dragged off while they are sleeping, the TV has been switched off, strange wailing noises are heard and there is the sudden emergence of foul smell. If the staff’s stories have to be believed, then some guests have been slapped and some have seen blue lights and white apparitions in the room. Most stories of this haunted room are of course hear and say sorts. However, some experts of India’s paranormal society have confirmed that the room is haunted.

The hotel authorities have stopped giving the haunted room for stay anymore. Though the room is not available to live in and experience the ghost power, one can sure feel the eeriness in the atmosphere at the hotel. The tales of the violent ghost in the backdrop of the misty mountains of Lonavala can sure send shivers down the spine.

Interestingly, the infamous story of the ghost of the haunted room has helped the hotel’s business flourish. The Jinn might finally be happy to not share his room with anyone and must have granted some goodwill to the Raj Kiran Hotel.

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Featured Photo by kevin dooley

The Spooky Room Of Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala

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