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The Harmony Of Kolkata And Sweets In The Public Psyche

From chingri macher malai kari to spicy jhal muri, Kolkata is best known for its cuisines. But that doesn’t leave Kolkata behind when it comes to sweet-making. For a foodie who craves for shesh pater mishit (sweet at the end of the meal), the sweets of Kolkata won’t leave you disappointed. The range of Bengali delectable sweets is enough to draw a smile on anyone’s face. Kolkata is such a place where you would find sweet shops located in almost all the corners. And it becomes hard to find someone living in Kolkata who’s not in love with sweets. In Kolkata, sweets aren’t only a form of desserts but it is also a part of the place’s culture. But where’s the link between Kolkata and sweets? To know more, read on.

Walking down the Memory Lane and Identifying the Link between Kolkata and sweets

Being a land of sweet lovers, Bengal (especially Kolkata) is deeply associated with the making of sweets. The sweet making creativity of Bengal prominently garnered popularity in the bygone days. More precisely, the second half of the nineteenth century witnessed the Bengal’s resurgence’s golden age of making mouth-watering sweets. Not just sweets, the place gathered prominence from commercial sectors to fine arts.

Rosogolla...Indian sweets
Photo by Nupur Dasgupta under CC BY 2.0

The Making of Chana

The creative part of this era also captured the confectionery world as well. The invention of ‘Chana’ made its way to right after Portuguese invaded the place. This made the creative progress with sweet-making in Bengal. The unsold milk which got sour was manufactured as Chana and used in making of Bengali desserts. In the 17th century, the tradition of Portuguese inspired the making of sweets in Bengal. This is how Roshogolla came into notice and became a popular sweet in the market. Even now, Kolkata famous sweet shops make this standalone sweet love by most of the Calcattans. Also, the creation of sandesh and other sweets with curdling milk was introduced in Bengal.

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Importance of Poush Parbon

If you intend to get sweets to buy in Kolkata during winter, you would find all the sweet shops offering a different section in the name of Pithe. Even before chana conquered taste buds, pithe was into existence in the house of common people. Traditionally, during the festival of Push Parbon Bengali families used to make sweets in houses. This included Pithe as a part of the range of sweets. It is made of rice flour, and the inside pur (the stuffing) is made with jaggery and crushed coconut. Apart from this, the festival also included making nadu, moya, khir, payesh and more. If you’re in search for simple Bengali dessert recipes, then these recipes can be offered even by your mother and grandmother.

Iconic Bengali Sweets

Ledikini – This sweet is prominent in Kolkata famous sweet shops. This is a cylindrical shaped sweet made from chhana. The sweet is named after Lady Canning who was the wife of Lord Canning.

  • Jalbhara Sandesh – This sweet is much similar to the original sandesh. The shape is much similar to tal or kernel. It was created for the event of Janmashtami. The sandesh is filled with Nolen gur.
  • Misti Doi – The link between Kolkata and sweets is more prominent with the inclusion of misti doi. Even if a Bengali doesn’t like tasting sweets, he or she is ready to have misti doi right after a scrumptious meal. It is not only a dessert for Bengalis but also happens to be an emotion.
  • Pantua – if you have been looking for simple Bengali dessert recipes, Pantua can be taken into consideration. Much similar to Gulab Jamoon, the sweet happens to be one of the best desserts. It is one of the best sweets to buy in Kolkata.
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Ending it on a Very Sweet Note

Kolkata and sweets have a very significant link. Bengali sweets have prominently captured the position of being called the show stealers owing to its tasty cuisines. From unique names to incredible taste, these are something that won’t let you hold yourself from any food restriction

Photo of “Rosogolla…Indian sweets” by Nupur Dasgupta under CC BY 2.0

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