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The cuisine of Karnataka comprises of great variations of veggie foods. Being one of the south Indian states, Karnataka snacks is well celebrated for the traditional taste. None of the Karnataka festivals is celebrated without the traditional snacks. They prepare it that much cheerful since the people of Karnataka suppose that without these traditional snacks the festive is not fulfilled. These yummy Karnataka snacks are not only prepared during the festival but also on the normal days. The Karnataka state cuisine is could be differentiated into the Udupi cuisine, north Karnataka cuisine, and south Karnataka recipes. Also, there are common recipes too that are been prepared all around the Karnataka.

The cuisine of North Karnataka are commonly prepared by rice, sajje or bajra, jowar, shenga or peanut chutney, Tumbid Badnekai or the stuffed brinjal and Jolada rotti is the best ever combination that will possibly present in all the homes of the north side of Karnataka. If you take the south Karnataka they mostly take rice and finger millet or the ragi. Ragi balls or the Ragi muddle, and the recipe that is prepared with green leaves curry called the soppina saru at the primary foods of them.

Almost all the Udupi foods are vegetarian only. Traditional festive Karnataka snacks consist of aloo bonda, avalakki, maddur vade, nippattu, uddina vade, chakkuli, ambode, kodubale and much more. Here we have talked about some of the traditional Karnataka snack recipes but also prepared in the evening times with tea.


Kodubale photoPhotos by Phaneesh N 

Kodubale is the traditional tea time snack of the Karnataka state which is completely delightful. Even though this dish requires a quite a little effort, however, the end result that is the taste that it brought is completely worth it to prepare at home. This recipe is usually prepared at the festivals like Dussehra and Diwali. The dish is prepared with rice flour, roasted channa dal flour and desiccated coconut for flavor and taste.


Crispy Kara Kaddi

Kara kaddi

This is the very famous snack that is usually prepared in all homes of Karnataka during the evening tea time. It involves only less time for preparing this dish even the ingredients are also very minimal that we use in. In case there has been a sudden guest who has arrived at your home and thinking of what you can serve them with tea, this recipe would be the perfect choice of recipe to think of.

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You can prepare this Kara Kaddi recipe either with the gram flour alone or with the combination of rice flour with the gram flour. Buy Usually in Karnataka this dish is prepared only with the gram flour. The ingredients used in this dish are carom seeds for flavor, red chili powder and also asafetida. This recipe is otherwise called as the murukku in some places and also prepared during all the festivals.

Dahi Vada

dahi vada photoPhoto by Sameer Goyal Jaipur

Dahi vada is moreover called to be the dahi bhalle, in Hindi and Punjabi, it is called as the dahi bade, while in Kannada it called mosaru vade, in Tamil, it called the thayir vada. This dish is famous in all chat shops in Karnataka; most of all the chat shops that are in Karnataka will have this recipe.

The snack is based on the cool yogurt or the cool curd. The word Dahi means Curd. This is a deep fried snack made out of flour. This recipe will be made in advance since that gives the yummy taste at the time of parties. This makes a good choice for parties and especially when in hot summer times in evenings or afternoon it becomes a wonderful dish. From kids to grown-ups it very much loved by all. Maybe this dish looks as if like a long recipe however it is easy to prepare and convenient also.



Nuchinunde or nuchchinunde is the prevalent snacks dish of the Karnataka state. This dish is also served as the morning breakfast also. This recipe is made from steaming the smashed bits of the dal as well as spices. Nuchinunde or else called the “spicy broken dal dumplings“is a tasty yet healthy snack that everyone will love to eat. Nuchinunde is the traditional recipe of Karnataka by the region of Bangalore and Mysore.

“Nuchu or nucchu” turns to smashed parts of dals or else grains then “unde” made then into the ball like shape or in Kannada they used to call it as dumplings. Thus the term nuchinunde otherwise china unde is got to this steamed broken recipe dal dumplings. This is the best dish to be served for the children since it is enriched with that much protein and nutrients.

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Mostly this recipe is prepared by the toor dal or else with the combination of toor dal with the channa dal that is the Bengal gram dal. This dish is usually served with the raitha known to be the “Hasi Majjige”. This recipe is very much popular in the city of Bangalore and Mysore of the Karnataka state.

Kayi Vade

Kayi Vade

The favorite Karnataka snack which is that much delicious, the name of the dish is said itself we will have the mouthwatering feel in us. This recipe is prepared with the deep-fried pooris made by the ground coconut, the ground spices masala then rice flour. Kayi vade or else the rice flour poori are the unique plus delicious poori. You can eat this just without any of the side dish since it is made out of spices. It is the best evening snacks for all ages. This dish can be preserved for more than two to three days.



Stuffed Menasinakai Bajji


As we all know that Karnataka people always love to eat hot, spicy food stuff this recipe is one of the kinds of it. This hot Menasinakai bajji is very popular and mostly been prepared in all homes. This Stuffed bajji recipe looks like Davanagere type stuffed with the Mirchi bajji dish. This Davanagere city is positioned at a geographical center of the Indian state of Karnataka. This city is very widespread for the Menasinakai bajji otherwise Mirchi bajji.

Generally, if you take Karnataka, numerous cities are famed for its signature recipes. As maddur is famous for the maddur vada, Bangalore is known for the idli-sambar, this is Menasinakai bajji is famous in the Davanagere city. The dish will be stuff even if it fried or after fried. In before frying these chillis you need to stuff it with cumin and salt. And then once fried it has been stuffed with finely cut onions and coriander leaves.

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The Flavors Of Traditional Karnataka Snacks

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