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The City Of Bangles – Firozabad

Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh INDIA

Firozabad, The Glass City of India in the state of Uttar Pradesh was built by Firoz Shah Tughluq, a Tughlaq king. From ancient times it is known for Glass Bangles and Glass products works. Firozabad’s small scale industry is eminent round the globe with the city breathing glass not air, where every second transportation is stuffed with glittering glass bangles of radiant colors. The city is nothing without glass bangles & glass products. It’s hard to imagine Firozabad without glass.

Molded glass ware in wide range of shades and colors that are widely used in glass chandeliers and varied other glass products since 1989, are exported in bulk from Firozabad.

Firozabad has now developed a lot in comparison to some years ago. Its developing glass industry is advancing strength & providing significance for the economy, government, people & most vital industry field.

In ancient periods, trespassers brought several glass articles to India. These glass articles after being rejected were collected and heated in the furnace known as “Bhainsa Bhatti.” It was the initiation of the glass industry in Firozabad. Gradually Indian marriage started developing interest towards bangles, kada, kangans, etc. and owing to the expert craftsmen of the city, the place started producing striking and attractive bangles in bulk for the public.

Suhag Nagar is a suburb in Firzobad which satisfies the demand of bangles, kangans, kadas and several other items of married women (suhagins). Firozabad is adorned with markets that sell bangles yielding the sobriquet, “City of Bangles”. Bangles have been the embodiment of marriage for Indian women since time immemorial. Its an art form using for dressing in an artistic fashion.

In Firozabad, you may easily find several markets that will present you a gamut of bangle designs. Not just the basic ones but the ones which you may have seen for the first time in your life. Since years, locals and tourists have assembled at shining and shimmering bangle markets where one can easily choose from the several types in display. Churi Bazaar is one such market which provides several options for the localities and visitors alike. There are number of shops that are stocked round the year with modern bangles. Bangle bazaar here is a must visit spot, if you are visiting the place on the occasion of festival and wedding.

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Besides metal bangles and glass bangles, the well-known ‘lac bangles‘ are specially made here. These are cautiously shaped, crafted and decorated with varied designs of stones.

Featured Photo: Bangles by JanetR3 under CC BY 2.0


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