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The ancient corridors of the Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan are not always quiet. If you decide to stay in this palace converted to a hotel make sure to know that a ghost of an English Major might disturb your slumber. This heritage building, which is now under the Government, is said to be one of the most haunted palaces in Rajasthan.

Story Behind Brij Raj Bhavan Haunting

The heritage building, which is over 180 years old, was inhabited by British officers and their families during British rule in India. One such British government official Major Charles Burton and his family had been living in the palace for quite sometime. In 1857 during the famous Sepoy mutiny, the palace was attacked by Indian rebel soldiers. Major Burton’s men abandoned him and his family. The Indian rebels killed the Major and his two sons in the palace. Apparently, Major Burton was killed in the central hall of the palace. Post the murders of the Burton family, local inhabitants of the palace started experiencing weird sightings and eerie noises. It is believed that the old English Major is now haunting the palace.

Spooky experiences at Brij Raj Bhavan

Mostly people have heard creepy sounds or had discomfort felt in certain areas of the palace like the central hall, where the murders took place. The guards of the palace have had the most haunted experiences as they have been believed to be scolded by the ghost. In fact, some guards have claimed to have been slapped by the ghost for dozing off. The Queen of Kota, who had taken over the palace from the British, had spoken to journalists about spotting the ghost on various instances. She said the ghost hadn’t harmed anyone or damaged the property in any way. The locals though warn people from strolling in the garden or the terrace during night time.

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If you want to experience some spooky stay, then this majestic mansion of Kota will definitely lure you. The ghost of Major Burton, may or may not appear before you, but you shall surely hear an ample number of eerie tales.

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Haunted Hotel Brij Raj Bhavan Palace In Kota, Rajasthan

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