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Thalassery – The Place Where Ancient India Comes Alive

India has seen the rule of so many Kings and Dynasty that every place you visit in India has a different and incredible story behind it. One such place which comes to my mind when I am talking about History is Thalassery which is situated in North Kerala. If you ever had the wish of seeing what India would have looked like if we were in the year of 1800 then you cannot afford to miss out on this place. In this article, I would tell you everything you need to know about Thalassery.

Thalassery – The Place Where Ancient India Comes Alive

English Church
Photo of ‘English Church’ by paandu raam under CC BY-SA 2.0

About the place

Thalassery is also known as Tellicherry. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the state of Kerala. The place has a lot of history and has witnessed many literary and political movements. The place is a commercial centre as it is located near the coastal reason and this is also the reason why the British wanted to establish trade here when they came to India in 1682. In order to come to this place, you would need to travel to the district of Kannur. This town is considered to be the birthplace of bakeries and cricket.

How to reach the place

Thalessery is well connected by road, rail and air. If you are coming here via the mode of airways then you would need to travel to Karipur (Calicut) International Airport. From the airport, the town is located at a distance of nearly 100 kilometres. You can rent a private cab or take the state-owned buses to reach your destination from the airport. If you are coming here via railways then the best option would come to Bangalore or Mangalore, from here you would get a number of trains which go to Thalessery. If you want to come here via road then you should go to Kannur, Kochi, Mysore or Kozhikode, from here you can get the state-owned buses or private buses which would drop you at your destination.

Best time to visit

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The best thing about this place is that Thalessery can be visited throughout the year. The weather remains pleasant throughout the year, however, October – January is considered to be the best time to visit this place. During summer, there are a few days when this place gets extremely hot which makes it difficult to roam around during the day. During the monsoon, this place receives heavy rainfall because of which tourists are compelled to spend time in their hotel rooms. So, the best time to visit this place would be during the winter.

Photo of ‘Muzhapilangad’ by Ashok Neelakanta under CC BY 2.0

Best places to visit

One of the good things about visiting this town is that you won’t be getting bored because it has numerous places for sight-seeing. It may not be possible for you to visit all of them if you are coming here for the weekend, so I would try to narrow it down to the top 5.

1. English Church

The most popular tourist attraction in this town is English Church which is also known as St. John’s Anglican church. It is one of the first churches in the region and is considered to at least 150 years old. The church is located at a great location and the view from this place is simply amazing. Nearby the church there is a cemetery where you can find the graves of colonial administrators like Edward Brennen. One more resounding fact about this church is the amazing architecture displayed at this place.

2. Fisherfolk Temple

The second place that I would like to talk about on this list is the Fisherfolk temple. The reason why I have mentioned this temple is because of the great history this temple and the area has. The temple has a lot of myths, it is believed that the temple was built by fisherman to thank the sea for providing their livelihood. Nearby the temple you would notice a cricket stadium and it is said that is the first place where cricket was played in India. The fisherfolk temple is very easy to reach, you can hire rickshaws or take the bus to reach your destination.

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3. Thalassery Fort

If you are coming to this town then one thing you will find in huge numbers are historical places. Every place in Thalassery has a story behind it which makes it even more interesting to visit. This fort was built by the British East India company and played a major role as a commercial centre and regulating military activities. When you visit this fort, you would notice the huge walls and doors, looking at the height of these walls it makes you wonder how on earth did they manage to construct such architectural wonders. It is said that an effort was made by Hyder Ali to capture the fort in 1781 in which he was unsuccessful. There are secret tunnels inside the fort which lead to Arabian sea and paintings which dates back to the 18th century. This place is truly a cultural heritage and shouldn’t be missed out on.

Ruddy Turnstone
Photo of ‘Ruddy Turnstone’ by shrikant rao under CC BY 2.0

4. Randattara Cinnamon Estate

As I said at the beginning of this article that the British came to Thalassery because it was situated very near to the coastline. When you visit this place, you would get to see the port which was built by the British which is still in use today. Like every other place in Thalassery, this place also has a lot of history. During the 1790s, Thalassery saw a lot of wars with Pazhassi Rajah and Tipu due to which the spice trade went through a lot of trouble. As a result of this, the British decided to built Randattra Cinnamon Estate to start off with their own plantation

5. Udaya Kalari Shangham

The last place that I would like to talk about in this list is Udaya Kalari Shangham. This is one of the most unique places you will ever come across in your life. If you ever had the wish to see 2000-year-old ancient martial arts then this is the place where you want to be. The martial arts practised here is Kalari. If you are in Mahe, then this place is just 10 minutes away. When you visit this place, you would also come around ancient weapons which would really awestruck you.

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So, these were the top 5 places but like I said that there are plenty of other places in this town so make sure that you roam around and explore. If you are a person who is driven by history then Thalaserry is the perfect place for you. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave for this town right now!

Featured Photo of ‘Seascape’ by shari kadirur under CC BY 2.0



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