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Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls In Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh

A waterfall located 45 km west of Jagdalpur in Bastar district is indeed one of the best Eco tourism destinations in Chattisgarh. It is in a secluded place, keeping company with other waterfalls like Chitrakut and Tirthgarh. It’s a seasonal waterfall. Only during monsoons you can see it in its full glory. Situated in the rugged hills with deep valleys which are thickly forested and are enveloped in a million shades of green. Tamra Ghoomar is placed on the river Indtavati, a tributary of the mighty river Godavari.

Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls In Chattisgarh

The road winding through the hills end a distance away and you walk through a dense forest. The forest has tall trees and thick undergrowth. The climbers add to the density and very little sunshine falls on the forest floor even in the middle of the day. Under our feet is a thick carpet of fallen leaves and other vegetation. The forest ends to give way to green fields. The fresh grass is pleasing to the eyes as well as a treat to your nose. You walk on in anticipation.

You can hear the echoing of the waterfall much before it is anywhere in sight. The valley resonates with that music. You spot a largish gazebo occupied by tourists. Apparently the place is a favorite picnic spot for the locals as well. The beauty of the area featuring lush-forested lands, deep valleys and magnificent hills, attracts locals and outsiders alike.

Finally you see the gorgeous waterfall. Just below the eye level. Tones of muddy water turning into white froth and cascading down a 100 feet height like a white silk gown. The red rock on top has been carved in a crescent shape with the strong forces of water for millennia. The water falls straight down with nothing to break its fall. The sheer volume of water and its power is spectacular. You watch the fluid whiteness and are completely mesmerized.

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It is a scenic view, water passing along the trees on either sides and cutting its way through the rocks and finally cascading at high speed from top of the hill. You can find an overhanging rock and sit down carefully, because the rocks are wet and a bit mossy. You can have a better look at the pond formed at the base of the waterfall. The pond looks like a flamboyant balloon- white at the hill end extending in to a medley of green blue and brown. Its green blue shades very silent compared to the noisy spirited white part where the water hits the rock.

You feel a light spray of water, like mist, on your face. You can see the rainbow just above the pond, formed in the water spray. You can enjoy the magic of the dancing rainbow. This was the best spot to relax among the quietude of picture perfect scenery and listen to the rhythm of the gushing water.

In summer, you can walk through this pond on the stones and cross it but that’s not possible in the monsoons. Adventurous can climb down to the pond below and enjoy the waterfall in its full glory. Hear the deafening sound of the roaring water and feel the sheer power of the 100 feet drop.

It looked like a mini Niagara to me. A part of me wished this gorgeous spot was better developed- with pathways around it, a garden, some lighting in the evening and a few restaurants for the convenience of the visitors. The other part of me was very clear that there was no way, the virgin ruggedness and enormous raw energies were not for taming but was for humbling.

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Featured Photo: Tirathgarh falls by asim chaudhuri under CC BY 2.0

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