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Tamilnadu is renowned for its unique cuisines and snacks. Most of the cities are popular for their own signature foods and you can find delicious foods in each and every corner of the cities.

Popular Snacks Which You Can Taste Only In Tamilnadu

Thirunelveli halwa photoPhoto by sowri

1. Thirunelveli Halwa

There are lots of shops that sell halwa, but the Irrttu Kadai Halwa originated in Thirunelveli is one of the most renowned halwa of Tamilnadu. It is a kind of sweet which is prepared with ghee, wheat and cashew, they has a soft and chewy texture. Soaking the ingredients in the ghee and mixing ratios can change the taste and this makes the shop popular. Single scoop of this halwa will melt your soul away!!

2. Madurai Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda is the tastiest and signature beverage of Madurai. One can find several shops which serving jigarthanda all over Tamilnadu, but they cannot match up with the authentic taste of Madurai Jigarthanda. It is usually prepared by road side shops in Madurai and served as a refreshment drink during summer. Ingredients that are found in it are Badam pisin, milk, nannari sharbat, ice cream and sugar.

3. Kovilpatti Kadalamittai

Uniqueness of the place Kovilpatti lies in the kadalai mittai(Peanut Candy). This is generally made from casting peanuts, hot jaggery and honey. It is ready to eat candy which looks solid and brittle. They seem to take different forms and shapes, but the finest is always that which look flat and pressed chunks of square bar candy.

4. Srivilliputhur Palkova

Palkova(Milk kova) is a blend of creamy milk and sugar. Palkova got the special tag along with this city’s name, because here this sweet is still prepared in the traditional method that uses earthen pots and firewood. Collected fresh milk is slowly cooked in the pots until the milk turns out as a semi solid layer.

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5. Tuticorin Macroons

Macroons are very famous in Tuticorin, traditional macroons are prepared from almonds, but here in Tuticorin, macroons are prepared from cashew, egg whites and sugar which make it very delicious and unique. To make it more attractive, it is shaped in to cone with its peak pointed.

Not only preparation even the history of macroons is very interesting. It is popularly said that, a baker from Tuticorin travelled to Chennai and met an Anglo-Indian to learn the macroons recipe. He then made few changes to the recipe and started preparing macroons in Tuticorin.

6. Ooty- Varkey

Varkey(kind of biscuit) is a most popular snack. It is a kind of crispy snack which is available in roadside teashops and bakeries. In Ooty, average varkey production per day is said to be around 12 tonnes and even goes up during the summer season. Usually this snack is made with semolina and wheat flour, so it is considered as a healthy snack among people. It tastes very great with a cup of tea or coffee. Do try this sweet and crunchy snack to enjoy your tea time!!!

7. Makkan Peda

Maken peda is a kind of sweet which originated in a place called Arcot, a small town in Tamilnadu. It is generally prepared with khoya and maida, to makes it more delicious nuts and fruits are stuffed inside the balls. This entire stuff is deep fried with ghee or oil and dipped in sugar syrup. The taste of this makkan peda is so amazing that you will end up having more than one piece!!


Featured Photo by zoyachubby

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