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The colors, unique traditions, folk songs, dance and paintings of Rajasthan have attracted tourists from all parts of the globe. The state takes pride in celebrating the way of life and its several aspects, which you will not find in any part of the nation. These unique features bring thousands of foreigners to this land of sands and celebrate the festival of art, music, and dance. The state of Rajasthan hosts a number of carnivals, which focus on the cultural theme. One such famous fiesta is the Taalbelia Festival. It is organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Department to attract more tourists.

Specialty of the Taalbelia Festival in Rajasthan

As mentioned earlier this unique carnival highlights on the spread of art, culture, music, dance and other forms of performing arts. Apart from showcasing the folk arts of this region, several reputed and famous singers and dancers also come to play at the Taalbelia Festival. The presence of guest performers like Mohit Chauhan, Monica Dogra, Raja Kumari, and Reggae Rajahs add an extra touch of glamor to this festival of colors and lights. No one particular spot serves as the Taalbelia carnival location. The organizers choose two or more popular places in the area and set up the platforms to host the most reputed fiesta in Rajasthan.

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Location of the unique fête

The cultural festival is mainly organized in and around the area an exotic urban settlement named Mandawa. The city is well known for the beautiful sand dunes, royal forts, and picaresque oasis. But during a particular time of the year, the organization of this festival makes it the center of all attraction. Music, dance, art and food lovers from all parts of the state, the country as well as foreign lands come to this otherwise quiet city to witness the biggest carnival. In 2017, four spots were chosen as Taalbelia carnival location. Huge stages were erected at Meera Chowk, Risala, Dhobi Ghat and Big Ibhah to host several events.

When is Taalbelia celebrated in Rajasthan?

You must be well aware of the fact that most carnivals are organized in the winter months all over the state. As the Taalbelia Festival is native to Rajasthan, it was mandatory to host it during winter months. The state becomes too hot during summers, and the heat makes it impossible for the people to stay out in the open for long during the daytime. As winter Taalbelia fête timing coincided with the winter season, people can relax in the sun and enjoy the presentations. Each year, the fiesta is celebrated in December. In 2017, the festivities lasted for four days, commencing from the 23rd and ending on 25th of December. More than 30 different acts were showcased in the Taalbelia fiesta programs. Some were performed by local artists, bands with celebrities adding that special touch to the gala.

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What will you get to see in the festival?

As the Taalbelia Festival focuses on the promotion and spread of culture and art, most of the Taalbelia fiesta programs are centered on that theme. Apart from the conventional and traditional melody and dance presentations, you will also get to experience new age musical shows like DJs and bands. To highlight the precious art and architecture of this area, special workshops are also organized. You can also learn the tricks of making Rajasthani handicrafts and gala bangles from the craftsmen. Overall, the selection of Taalbelia fiesta programs will leave you with an experience that will last a lifetime.

Satisfying your taste buds

The Taalbelia carnival location is also well known for the mouthwatering dishes. If you are a food lover, then this event must attract you even more. Apart from the cultural performances, you will also be able to indulge in gourmet food fests as well. Taalbelia fête timing is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your love for royal cuisines of Rajasthan. The native veg and non-veg dishes of Shekhawat area will enthrall your taste buds.

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Taalbelia Festival: An Extravagant Cultural Fiesta In Rajasthan

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