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Featured Photo by arti.agarwal

Sumbuk is another offbeat destination which you may visit to enjoy some peace and quiet in the lap of mountains. Still untouched, Sumbuk lies in the south district of Sikkim and is about 112 km from Siliguri. The village Sumbuk has two divisions, one at a lower altitude, at about 1500 ft and upper Sumbuk, which is at an altitude of 7000 ft.

Lower Sumbuk is blessed with abundant flora and fauna. Lush green meadows, trees, forests, mountains all around make it a picturesque place and a lot of mountain birds such as hornbills and peacocks are found in these areas.

Attractions in lower Sumbuk:

There are quite a number of places you may visit here. There is a peacock breeding forest over here. Kitam Bird Sanctuary, the only sanctuary in Sikkim which is designated for birds is near to sumbuk. Apart from peacocks, you will find Himalayan Flameback, Jungle Fowls, Magpies. Availing a guide might be a wise decision as they will help you spot rare ones and also give a detailed tour of the area. These jungles are also home to barking deer, wild boars, and other animals.

Apart from bird watching, embark into river rafting in the near-by river Rangit which flows in this region before merging into the Teesta river far south. The rafting is done from Baguwa to Champa, which is about 6 km.

Attractions in Upper Sumbuk:

The upper Sumbuk seems to come straight out of a beautiful Christmas card. It has vast stretches of pine and fir forests, valleys covered in Rhododendrons, ferns and cinnamon trees. Dhupi, a forest of pine trees covers a large area and it is a wonderful place to catch sights of colorful mountain birds and butterflies. Tamley chaur in Upper sumbuk is a place which provides amazing views of the Himalayan Range as well as Kanchendzonga, Kalimpong, and Darjeeling.

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Best time to visit:

The place is good to visit at any time of the year. Summers will provide a view of beautiful rhododendrons and greeneries while in winter various migratory birds fly over here and make it a paradise for bird lovers and watchers.


Since this is yet an unknown destination, it is not plagiarised by tourists, hotels, and resorts. This is what makes it a perfect choice if you want a simple stay in the mountains. Locals are very friendly and cordial and offer home stays with comes with the basic amnesties, but neat and clean rooms, attached baths, electricity and hearty comfy home cooked meals. Mainly Indian cuisines are served but guests’ requests for other foods are also entertained if possible.

How to reach:

This place may be reached from Siliguri via car or jeep.
Nearby attractions include Chardham, Samdruptse in Namchi and Tarey Bhir. All these places are just an hour away from Sumbuk.

Featured Photo by arti.agarwal

Sumbuk- Offbeat Destination In Sikkim

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