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Suhelwa In North India – A Perfect Offbeat Travel Destination

If you are someone who wants to get the best out of an unusual travel destination, then Suhelwa should be your best bet. It is one of those travel destinations in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh which would present to you a unique perspective of life. Suhelwa is nestled in Uttar Pradesh’s Shravasti and Balrampur districts which are close to the Indo-Nepal Border. Suhelwa has a diverse habitat which is home to jackals, tigers, leopards, tigers and much more. It also boasts of a plethora of winter migratory birds. However, if you are visiting this place for the sole purpose of wildlife and its beauty, you are bound to miss out on other beautiful aspects. It is a commonly observed fact that Suhelwa is a wildlife sanctuary and is a paradise for bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. But that is just one side of this place. This is the reason that it would be unfair to label it as a wildlife destination.

Suhelwa And Its Picturesque Countryside

For those who still adore the simple village life, then rustic Suhelwa would greatly appeal to them. Many are of the opinion that it has rural postcard scenes. Interestingly, the western part of Suhelwa has got Tharu villages that are worth a saunter. It is so because these villages have the lifestyle of their own and also boasts of a unique culture. If you are interested in sightseeing at the Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary, then you would pass through Gholia. Gholia is a village which sports a variety of fantastic elements like pumpkin vines as well as rustic components. It is also important to note that this village is usually held in high regards by the tourists who have visited it.

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Find Rusticity At Its Best

The rusticity of this place is always at its best. Sometimes it would also make you wonder if the folks from the city have some aesthetic sense. You would find a plethora of rustic elements in this village. From pretty women adorned with unique ornaments to carefree kids and curious men, Suhelwa is a place which would genuinely quench your exploration hunger. By visiting Suhelwa, you would always feel that there is something so untainted about rural India which would leave you asking for more. Each village in Suhelwa you would visit has its distinctive charm which augurs well for your adventurous spirits.

WilfLife & Birds

It is also a wildlife sanctuary that sports a variety of animals and rare birds. This sanctuary is also known to wear a blend of Terai and Bhabar ecosystems. This region also sports vast reservoirs which would usually serve the purpose of irrigation as well as offering a perfect place for the animals and birds to relax. It also sports authentic landscapes whose beauty can cast a charm on the minds of every traveler. As it is nestled along the Nepal Border, you would find a variety of Shivalik mountain ranges. You would also find a plethora of Nepali Villages across Suhelwa. These villages have their charm, and this is why you should always plan a trip to these villages.

This place is located approximately 200 kilometers away from Lucknow. You would find forest department rest houses in Suhelwa with all modern amenities. However, make sure that you book them at the earliest to enjoy a comfortable stay.

Featured Photo:Tiger Shot by Becker1999 under CC BY 2.0 (representational)

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