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Visakhapatnam shortly called the Vizag located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Vizag is the financial capital of the State Andhra Pradesh and also the district Administrative headquarters of Vizag. Situated along the coastline of Bay of Bengal, is the biggest city of Visakhapatnam equally in terms of population as well as the area. When coming to size it ranks second among all the cities of Andhra Pradesh.

Vizag possesses the praise of owning the eldest shipyard in the country India plus it holds natural harbor which is unique of the styles in Indian east coastline. Are you searching for the destination that could offer peace of mind and think to enjoy the natural attractiveness and manmade marvels then Vizag would be the right choice? If you are planning to visit Vizag, then you must really discover the below 8 stunning spots.

1. The Borra Caves

This is a splendid location which is 92 km far from the port city and also 1400 meters beyond the sea level. From Geological Survey, William King George discovered this ancient cave which age million years back that would be in 1807. When you take India, Borra Caves is the biggest cave among all the caves. The enormous creation of rocks gives you boundless views. You will feel a different world once you entered the cave; it creates a feel as if you were in a distinct universe. The rocks in addition to the waterfalls mark you experience the antique stuff in the area. Inside the cave, you will observe the lord Shiva lingam then an idol of Kamadhenu.

2. Araku Valley

By: RajCC BY 2.0

This place would be really your favorite destination spot with no doubt. You trip to Vizag would be incomplete if you fail to visit this Araku Valley as well as the Borra Caves. The Araku Valley, a majestic hill station that is fully occupied with the best blessings of Mother’s Nature. It is situated above the sea level which is above 3200 square feet. Araku valley is charming by way of lush evergreen gardens, rivers also waterfall. The power of the destination plus the 19 tribes who exist here are people who are not influenced in the contemporary world. On the whole, this Araku valley promotes your minds and moods.

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3. Yarada Beach

The scene of Yarada Beach is simply charming. By the three sides, you will see it is bounded by splendid hills and on the fourth side you will observe the terrific Bay of Bengal, Yarada Beach is certainly the finest beach situated in Vizag. The clean beach covered with the golden sands makes credit to the entire beach beauty. The amazing factor here is the sunrise as well as the sunset views would be remarkable and mind-blowing.

4. Mighty Rishikonda Beach

You will witness thousands of tourists visiting this beach since this beach is the best of all in Andhra Pradesh. The gorgeous beach is located 8 km away from Vizag. If you are crazy about water sport then this beach is exactly for you people. The water sports that you can enjoy and have fun here are the skiing, wind surfing and why not swimming. The beach kindles the part of the adventure in you however all at once retains a flawless destination if you need a soft evening.

5. Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki Waterfalls

By: Rajib GhoshCC BY 2.0

Katiki Waterfalls is sited 4 km far from the prehistoric Borra Caves. The source of the water for this waterfall is got from the Gosthani River, where the water drops from the height nearly 50 ft. The scenic waterfall by lush green environments in Araku Valley provides an outstanding possibility for planning a trekking. While in summer, the waterfall will go dry.

6. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

The Zoological Park covers an extensive land of 625 acres. Both the sides of the zoological park are covered fully by hills where the scene is very much mesmerizing together with the Bay of Bengal towards its east. Being situated in that much natural scenery, the zoo looks as if it is the sweet home for the wildlife. The zoo was founded in the year 1977. The zoo is packed with extensive collections of animals like panthers, elephants, jaguars, tigers, Himalayan black bear, lions, hippopotamus, pythons, sloth bear and much more.

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7. Kailasagiri Hill Park

Vizag photoPhotos by pallavi_damera

Kailasagiri is a well-celebrated hill station that is bounded by small hills plus beaches. The hill park is situated at a height of 360 feet above sea level. The prominent fascinations that you could find here are ropeway trolleys, for children you will have road trains and park for playing. The top most view would be mound blowing and this is the place for the photographers delight. You will observe seven viewpoints from the park that offers you a scenic view of the beaches with the hills. The atmosphere will be that much tranquil so you will feel a peace of mind.

8. Vuda Park


This destination will surely raise your moods with the lush green atmosphere surrounded all over the park. The park is covered with 37 acres which hold 2500 odd trees. In total, it measures 55 acres of land out of which as said numerous kinds of plants are grown-up in 37 acres of land. The park helps in promoting the atmosphere as well it offers various physical events for both elders and children. You will have a playing area for children, yoga center to keep your mind refreshed, for elders you can see the multi gym and much more.

Visakhapatnam is the antique city that still maintains the traditional spirit till this date. Apart from the above destination, you will also have more spots in Vizag that are enriched with natural wonders.

Featured Image Photo by Amit Chattopadhyay

Stunning 8 Places To Visit In Visakhapatnam

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