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Photo By Daiyaan.db

Assam is famous for its beautiful sightseeing places and the wonderful tea gardens. This North Eastern state avails delicious street foods to the locals and the tourists. When you compare Assam Street foods with other states, its taste is unique because of the usage of meager spices, less degree of cooking, and using plenty of fruits and vegetables. The blend in the street foods attracts everyone to eat more and more. Let us have a quick look at the Assam street foods here.


Jhaal Muri is a popular lip-smacking food of Assam. Here Jhaal means SPICES & Muri means Puffed rice. The puffed rice is tossed with chopped onion, green chilies, coriander leaves, tomatoes, potato, and cucumber. Besides the spices, Jhaalmuri includes mustard oil, tamarind pulp. This delicious snack is simple to prepare. Jhaalmuri is served with paper cones.


Bhel Puri

bhel puri photoPhoto by _foam

Bhel Puri, the most uttered word by most of us, especially children. The snack is not only popular in Assam, but also available all over the country. Most of the street vendors sell Bhel Puri in different ways. However, the spicy snack main ingredients are Sev, Puffed rice. This low-fat nutritious snack fulfills the appetite in the evening time. Bhel Puri is served in plates.


Momos are extremely popular in the Northern East States including Assam. The flour is the main ingredients to prepare small dumplings and they are filled with either meat or small finely chopped vegetables. Chutney is the side dish for Momos. This Tibetan origin dish is easy to digest.


Though Wontons are similar to momos, wontons are fried instead of steamed. Red garlic sauce is the best pair to wontons. This crispy snack is enjoyed in the evenings on the streets of Assam.

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Laksa is the most famous street food in Assam. This Malaysian based peppery noodle soup will definitely kindle your taste buds. Rice Vermicelli, tamarind-flavored fish paste and Coconut milk are the main ingredients of Laksa. You should know to eat the Laksa with a Chopstick. It has been the first choice of everyone in the street foods of Assam.


This spicy evening snack is popular among Assamese. Ghugni, a drooling dish is prepared with boiled peas, mixed with tomatoes, chopped onion, green chilies, and coriander leaves. All the ingredients are tossed in tamarind paste which gives a tangy taste. Ghugni is served sizzling in small dishes with sprinkled coriander leaves on the top.

Chow Mein

The Chinese food Chow Mein is abundantly available on the Assam Streets. The noodles are cooked with plenty of vegetables or tender chicken pieces, with Chinese sauces.  The yummy street food is available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers. It is an evening appetizer available at economical price.

Chilli Chicken

chili chicken photoPhoto by vitamindave

In this delicacy, tender chicken pieces are cooked in the Chinese sauce with onion flakes, green chilies, and capsicum in order to bring an exotic taste and flavor.



A typical Puri is called as Luchi. Rotis are prepared by wheat flour and they are fried. The main side dish is potato curry. Luchi is available in the streets of Assam as well as at the houses.

Aloo Pitika

This dish is very easy to prepare and the taste is also out of the world. Boiled and mashed potatoes, chopped onions, chopped curry and coriander leaves, chili powder and mustard oil. The entire mixture along with added salt is called Aloo Pitika.

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Assamese never miss chewing Paan after their meal. There are a number of Paan shops in the streets. A paan is prepared by rolling betel nut with gulukand and tobacco in the paan leaves. It is also being a mouth refresher after meals.

Assam Tea

assam tea photoPhoto by Amy Aletheia Cahill

Assam Tea is popular all over India. Assam is the origin of the tea. All over the street and every corner of the lanes, the tourist could find out Assam tea stall. This tea is called as “Saah” in the Assamese language.

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