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A Quick Run Thru The Popular Jodhpur Music Festival

Ardent travelers would always get enthusiastic about witnessing the wonders and beauties of emperors and digging deep into the history of the country. Jodhpur, being popular as the Blue city of India, holds as much prominence as its palaces and forts as it does for colorful and vibrant cultures. Jodhpur Music Festival, being an example of its culture and vibrancy, has a whole lot of things to offer tourists. See how it can bring in further excitements on your trip to Jodhpur.

An Introduction to Jodhpur Music Festival

When traveling gets combined with fusion music, Jodhpur Music Festival then comes into the forefront. It is as attractive as other events in the land of royals. Any traveler who has a keen interest in fusion music can put in effort and invest their quality time to spend this 5-days long fest in the land of Jodhpur. Besides enjoying a captivating view of the city’s distinctive colors of buildings and visiting its magnificent tourists’ spots, the city also gives reasons to travel for an enticing live experience to enjoy the fusion music. The festival focuses on offering a platform to amateur musicians who want to come under the limelight with their fusion musical talents. A perfect connection between Interrelation and Indian music, this musical festival stirs your soul immensely.

Things you can associate with when here

The 5-days long festival offers (nothing unlike Jodhpur Music Festival 2019) a wide range of things – from encountering the bygone royal times to witnessing the magnificence of the city’s beauty. You can even enjoy the blue beauty of houses painted in blue color. It reminds you of Brahmins who painted their houses with blue color. However, with time, the non-Brahmins too painted their houses in blue.

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Nothing unlike Jodhpur Music Festival 2019, this year’s festival will offer you immense joy. The best part is, you get live up with the amazing experience. Deeming as a perfect musical tour, you get so many things on offer. Booking your tickets means that you would be able to experience the incredible musical pieces in Jodhpur RIFF. It’s a non-profitable music festival that has been endorsed by the UNESCO as “Peoples” Platform Sustainable Development! The Jodhpur RIFF is a dedicated folk musical festival which is about 4 days long. More than 250 artists come and enjoy here.

Main Highlights of the Festival Tour

To say that music is a psychological therapy, will be an understatement. They say that you listen to music, but you don’t. The truth is, you consume it. And with such an amazing musical festival, you definitely are going to be a lucky soul. A traveler who wants to dig deep into the history of Rajasthan can possibly include this festival in his or her itinerary. But how would you initiate with your step further?

Things to know about Jodhpur Music Festival Date

There’s a whole of enjoyments awaiting! You can mark the dates on your calendar and book tickets in between 29th October and 2nd November this year. That’s the Jodhpur Music Festival date expected to be held in Jodhpur. But if you want to enjoy your autumn time in reliving the bygone days, you can include this itinerary on your tour.

How can you initiate your tour plan?

First day, you can visit Delhi. The next day, you can enjoy the view of never-ending roads on  your road trip to Agra. Jaipur is your next destination where you can spend one day. The next day, you need to visit the blue city, Jodhpur and there rest for a couple of days. Tune into the traditional folk music at Jodhpur Riff. After you’ve had your own share of enjoyment there, you can proceed for Udaipur via Narlai road trip. You can enjoy sightseeing in Udaipur and next day arrive at Delhi to depart.

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Featured Photo of ‘Festival procession near Sardar Market in Jodhpur’ by Jon Connell under CC BY 2.0

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