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Many people have a misconception that if you want to spend a good time in the streets of Kolkata you need to have a lot of money in your pocket and some strongly believe that they can’t spend a wonderful day with Rs.500 in Kolkata. Well in this article I will clear your misconceptions and tell you how you can spend a lovely day in the city of joy with just Rs.500.

Thanks to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have realized the value of money. So, I have prepared this article in the most cash-friendly manner possible.

Rs.500 is definitely not an amount in which you could end up doing a lot of shopping or do similar forms of entertainment but I can guarantee you that with this amount you would definitely spend a good time and get to witness the raw “Kolkata”. You may not be able to go places in a car or eat in high fashioned restaurants but travelling in a bus, eating street and local food will help you know the actual Kolkata.

How To Spend A Wonderful Day With Rs.500 In Kolkata

KolkataPhoto by mynameisharsha

1. Breakfast at Sharma Dhaba – Bhawanipur

Leave your home in such a way that you reach here by 10am. Thanks to Kolkata’s public transport, no matter where you live in Kolkata it won’t take you more than Rs.20 to reach here (Assuming that you had to change busses or else it shouldn’t cost you more than Rs.10), without a doubt Kolkata has the cheapest public transport in India. Once you reach here, go for their nimki and Kachori-Sabzi along with a cup of Tea. Make sure you fill your tummy well because it would be quite some time before your lunch. It shouldn’t cost you more than Rs.80 here.

Funds left: Rs.400

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KolkataPhoto by kg.abhi

2.Visiting Kalighat or Victoria Memorial

Well, I have left this for you to decide what you want to do. You would be done with your breakfast by 10.30am, and then you can either go visit Kalighat or Victoria Memorial. Victoria Memorial is about 1.5km away from Sharma Dhaba so you can either walk or take a bus there. A mini buss would charge Rs.6 for you to get there. If you plan on visiting Kalighat then catch a Metro from Rabindra Sadan (100m from Sharma Dhaba) and you would reach there in 15mins. No matter what you chose Kalighat or Victoria Memorial your darshan or Tour would be done by 11:30. Entry to Victoria would cost you Rs.20 and metro expenses to Kalighat would be Rs.10.

Funds Left: 380

KolkataPhoto by offbit2010

3.Visiting New Market

New Market is the hub of shopping in Kolkata. I know you would not be able to shop with Hardly Rs.400 in your pocket but hey! It is not like you can’t window shop, right? Moreover, there are many things near New Market which might interest you like the Indian Museum (Entry fee: Rs.10). If you are coming from Kalighat then take a Metro to Esplande which will cost, you another Rs.10; if you are coming from Victoria Memorial then you can catch a bus to New Market which would cost you Rs.8. You should reach here by 12. It will take you approximately an hour and a half or two if you plan to visit the Indian Museum.

Funds left: 350

KolkataPhoto by acme

4.Biriyani at Arsalan – Parkstreet

You would reach here by 2.30. It shouldn’t cost you more than Rs.10 to reach Arsalan. It is about 1.5km away from New Market so if you want you can walk. Well if you are visiting Kolkata then you should definitely try to have a biriyani at Arsalan. Trust me it would be one of the delicious biriyani you had in your entire life. It would be a little expensive keeping in mind our budget but it is worth it! A biriyani would cost you Rs.200. You would be done here by 3.30.

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Funds Left: 140

KolkataPhoto by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

5.Closing in at Princep ghat

Catch a bus from Parkstreet and you would reach here by 4.30. Princep ghat is definitely one of the most well maintained ghats in Kolkata and the view from this ghat is simply outstanding. Take a good round of the ghat and enjoy the sunset. Spend some time alone sitting at one of the many ghats just looking at River Ganga. Trust me you will feel very relaxed just by doing this. I think you should be done by 6:00pm at most. If you are a little hungry then you can eat Paw Bhaji here (They are fantastic!).

Funds left: 80(Assuming you had Paw Bhaji here).

There you go! A wonderful day with Rs.80 still left in your pocket. Reaching your home shouldn’t cost you more than Rs.30 no matter where you staying in Kolkata. There are many wonderful places in Kolkata which you might visit, but since we are low on budget I chose a particular area so that we could make out the most of it with lots of fun and entertainment.

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Photo by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

How To Spend A Wonderful Day With Rs.500 In Kolkata

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