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The spectacular beaches Hyderabad are perfect weekend getaways as these beaches would provide you with endless beauty of the ocean. These beaches would help you to give a chance to unwind amidst the calm waves. On the other hand, if you are a water sports lover, you can always opt for activities like kayaking and rafting in these places. Quite interestingly, if you love solitude and peace, then the spectacular beaches Hyderabad would be an ideal choice. Moreover, the beautiful lighthouse that stands tall in the distance is an absolute delight. In this context, it is important to note that in the scenic Gangavaram Beach, a number of Bollywood movies have been shot. If you are a resident of Hyderabad or the nearby places, these beaches will help you to make sure that they unwind in a proper manner to combat stress.

Visit the Gangavaram Beach as spectacular beaches Hyderabad

This beach is a magnificent beach that is situated towards the south of Vishakhapatnam. It lies very close to the Vizag Steel Plant in Andhra Pradesh. It is maintained by the steel plant. This beach has an array of trees and beautiful shrubs that dot the coastline. If you want to get some respite from your busy schedule, then you can opt for visiting the Gangavaram Beach. The spectacular beaches Hyderabad would also serve as an ideal way with the help of which you can get rid of your stress. In this beach, you can rest in a hammock, or you can build sand castles. It is one of those beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Hyderabad which would provide you with the pristine view of the sea. It has become one of the most visited beaches and no doubt it is popular among actors and serial production houses for its unmatched beauty.

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Karwar Beach photo










Photo by ramnath bhat    

Karwar Beach and its stunning view

The best time to visit the Karwar Beach is from October to May. It is one of those beaches where you can be at peace with yourself. It is one of the favorite beaches for the residents of Hyderabad. The main activities that that would usually enthrall the senses of visitors are in the form of diving and snorkeling. Moreover, another thrilling prospect of visiting the Karwar Beach lies in the way of the fact that you can avail quality seafood. There are various restaurants which would serve you with affordable yet lip-smacking seafood. The beauty of this beach has been praised by eminent personalities, and this is the reason that many individuals flock to these places. In this context, it is important to note that if you do not reside in the city of Hyderabad, then you can book various luxury resorts. These resorts are well adapted to suit every need of the modern day traveler. You can also find a lot of budget hotels and rest houses in the vicinity of this beach.

Karwar Beach photo










Photo by mudeth

Om Beach and the fascinating aspects of visiting it

Om Beach is one of those beaches that usually provide the tourists with spectacular views and also offers boating facilities. Om Beach is one of those beaches that is shaped like two semi crescents that are joined together which forms the shape of Om which is also a Hindu symbol. This beach would provide you with a breathtaking view of the sunset. If you are someone who is in love to view sunsets on beaches, then this beach would be the right choice for you. This beach has a long stretch of white sands and also has a rocky terrain which much appeals to the eyes. This beach is not always crowded and can also act as a place which would serve the interests of the travelers. You can also opt for parasailing which is a favorite adventures sport in this region. The various sports and entertainment activities would help you stay glued to this beach. In this manner, you can holistically enjoy the vacation time.

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Featured Photo byAbhijeetRane

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