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We just cannot deny the fact that South India just loves rice. In fact, rice is the staple food in many parts of India. Indians also associate the rice with prosperity. We have seen rice being used in many Pujas, occasions and weddings to. Well today I am not going to get into the details why rice is eaten more in the south and all but instead will share the different recipes which is made with this staple food. South Indians just don’t eat Sambhar and Rice, but they eat it in different forms. There are end number of lip-smacking South Indian rice recipes which are immensely popular, lets know more about them.

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Rice With Sambhar, Rasam & Curd: Match Made In Heaven For The South Indians

Most of us know how madly the south Indians love their Sambhar and Rasam. And there is nothing which is more comforting for them than a plate of hot steamed rice along with sizzling sambhar, rasam and some chutney. For those who don’t know, Sambhar and Rasam always form a part of a typical south Indian meal. South Indians typically eat their meal in 3 parts, first they relish the rice with some hot sambhar, then with some tangy rasam and then they finish their meal off with some curd. South Indian meal doesn’t need too much of those separate Sabzi’s, they have some one or two varieties but eat it very less in quantity. Unlike the North Indians who need a bowl full of vegetable (sabzi).

10 South Indian Variety Of South Indian Rice Recipes

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1. Arisi Paruppu Sadam

Arisi Paruppu Sadam is an immensely popular dish from Coimbatore, it is also a very common item in Kongu Nadu. This is a very handy dish, looks typically like a Khichidi. Arisi Paruppu Sadam is made with rice and tool daal (Red Gram). It is traditionally eaten with Appalam and pickles.

2. Carrot Rice

Nope I am not talking about fried rice which uses carrots along with other veggies, but Carrot Rice from the south. I feel this dish would have emerged as carrots are available almost all the time during the year, and there is no better way to eat this nutrient rich veggie. I was introduced to this version by one of my bachelor friend, I felt funny that moment when I tasted it I felt how good and healthy it was. South Indians are good at experimenting with food, no doubt to that.

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3. Pachai Payaru Sadham

A one pot meal from south. This recipe is made with rice and green moong daal along with some exotic spices. This is a really healthy recipe for those who do not like vegetables.

4. Coconut Rice

Well the list on the south Indian variety of rice cannot be complete without mentioning anything related to coconut isn’t it? Yes, there is something called coconut rice which is a totally unique preparation. People who love coconut will surely love this one. Coconut rice taste best with Paruppu Chutney.

5. Lemon Rice

This one doesn’t need any introduction. It has become one favourite native dish of Asia. Lemon the citrusy fruit plays quite a big role to create this one legendary dish. Lemon rice is an immensely popular dish of South India, I have seen people having it for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. The light lemony colour rice is one of the simplest dish but packed with flavours. The best part is that you can make it any time, all you need is some cooked rice and lemon.

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6. Tamarind Rice \ Puliogre

On moving to the south, I was shocked to see a dish like this. When they said Puliogre id didn’t understand what it was, then they explained to me Tamarind Rice. The name sounded so tangy that time, but when I tasted it, it was something out of the world. All South-Indian Grannies are quite expert in making the magical Puliogre masala. You got to try this one, trust me you will love it.

7. Thakkali Biriyani \ Tomato Biriyani

This sounds interesting isn’t it? The Thakkali biriyani is prepared with loads of fresh tomatoes along with some exotic masalas. This is a quick version of biriyani doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare like the authentic biriyani’s take.

8. Bisi Bele Bhat

Bisi means Hot, and Bisi Bele Bhat which is a Kannada word typically means Hot Lentils Rice. This is a unique preparation which originates from the state of Karnataka. You would see this one dish in almost all south indian food joints and its absolutely awesome. Bisi Bele Bhat is typically eaten along with raita, coconut chutney and appalam.

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9. Vangi Bhat \ Brinjal Rice

South India offers many different varieties of Brinjal, in fact brinjals are always present in their grocery shopping list. Vangi Bhat is another popular south indian rice preparation which uses brinjal as the main ingredient. It is a spicy preparation which taste absolutely awesome.

10. Beetroot Sadham

Many people hate beetroot, mostly we see people using it for salads. But in the south they use it for curries, fries and even in rice. Beetroot Sadham is one example, which takes rice to a whole new level. How many of you have tasted it? Don’t go by the name, you will actually start loving beetroot this way. This rice is typically served with coconut chutney. Many people also prepare beetroot chutney and beetroot poriyal with this one wonder vegetable.

11. Curd Rice

This last one does deserve a mention, South- Indians love rice and they love this version even more. Curd rice is one dish which you would always find on their daily menu. In fact, south Indians finish their meals with this one dish, so I hope you understand how important curd rice is for them. It is basically a fermented preparation along with a simple tadka of some mustard seeds, urad daal, dry red chilli and curry leaves. Trust me it’s totally awesome and do try it.

These dishes prove how well South Indian experiments with different vegetables and other ingredients too. The way they use veggies is something which needs an applause. I feel South Indian food is totally too healthy, they use loads and loads of veggies and greens in their cooking which makes their food totally wholesome. So in case you are one of those who link South Indians to Idly and Sambhar, you really need to try their food, trust me you will change you view by seeing how diverse the South Indian cuisine actually is.

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South India Loves Rice, Check Out The Different Varieties

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