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Soochipara Falls – Kerala’s Treasure In The Jungle

Kerala is often called as God’s own country. Ranging from beautiful sea beaches to vast green tea plantations it has a long list of places where you would wish to spend your vacations. Soochipara falls is one location which provides a fantastic location to have an amazing memorable experience. And it is not limited to just viewing a picturesque waterfall. You may enjoy swimming in the falls water, bathing, rock climbing, and even river rafting. However, it is advisable to embark on these activities only under special guidance and experts.

Soochipara falls photo
Tropical Tree and Monsoon Mist by by Sankara Subramanian under CC BY 2.0


Soochipara falls is located near a town called Meppadi, which is in the Wayanad district of Kerela. It is also known as the Sentinel Rock waterfalls and is a popular choice for rock climbers.
The word Soochi means needle and Para means rock in Malayali language. The name arose due to the needle-shaped rock. The waterfall is located amidst dense forests and large green hills. The water in Soochipara waterfalls falls from a height of about 150 to 300 feet. At the foot of the falls is the pool area where you may indulge in swimming and bathing. One needs to trek for about half an hour downward to reach this pool. The milky white water tiers down and presents a beautiful sight.
The water from the falls at the end merges with river Chaliyar which then meanders in the Vellarimala hills.

When to visit:

The best time to visit this place is from January to March and from October to December. The flow of water is quite less in the summers which ease the path a bit.

How to reach:

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From Meppadi, one needs to drive for 30 minutes to go near the falls. On your way, you will come across wonderful tea estates. No plastics are allowed to be carried from the entrance. You will need to walk for a kilometer to reach the falls area which might be a little difficult for aged people.
If you are lucky enough you may even catch a sight of deer and other animals in the forests. There is no direct bus which commutes to the waterfall site. You may hire a car or jeep from Wayanad to reach the entry gates.
Some hotels and homestays are available near the waterfall.
The entry fee is INR 20 and Soochipara falls is open Monday to Sunday, from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Featured Photo – Soochipara Falls, Wynad, Kerala, India by Sankara Subramanian under CC BY 2.0

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