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Somnath temple, one of the most popular places in India located on the Arabian sea. We all know this one temple holds a special importance for the Hindus in India as it is one among the popular Tirthdhams for them. Located on the western coast of Gujarat, the somnath temple is one of the most oldest and most respected place of worship in the country. The temple is also mentioned in one of the most ancient texts like Shivpuran, Skandpuran, Shreemad Bhagavat and Rig-Veda. This fact itself signifies that the somnath temple is one of the most important and celebrated pilgrimage sites in the country. Let’s know more about the pride of Gujarat, The Somnath Temple.

Somnath Temple, Located At One Of The Most Beautiful Lands On Earth

Somnath temple photoPhoto by Gujarat Tourist Guide

The Somanth temple is located in place called Prabhas Patan near veraval, Gujarat India. This temple is known as the first jyotirlinga among 12 jyotirlinga across the country Which makes this place more tourist and pilgrimage appealing. According to hindu mythology this is the place where Lord shiva himself presented himself and made this land pure. People consider the Somnath temple to be the manifestation of Lord Shiva.

Religious Importance

The religious acknowledgment of this site among all other hindu pilgrims are even more older than this temple itself. This site is very popular for the Triveni Sangam, the confluence of three of ancient rivers; i.e. Kapila, Hiran and Sacred Sarasvati. There is lots of history associated with this, it is said that Moon God Soma once lost his shine as he was cursed by Daksha Prajapati. To regain his shine, he came to the Triveni Sangam to praise lord Shiva. After seeing his courage to get his luster back lord Shiva came himself and gave him his luster with his sign “A Jyotirlinga”. That is the reason why this place is known as Somnath (Soma+Nath), which means lord of the moon (Soma).

Some Long History

Somnath temple is built in chalukya style which has its eminent place in ancient temple architecture. This temple was rebuilt by Indian Freedom fighter and renowned as Lauh Purursh, Sardar vallabhai patel and K.M munshi in the year 1951. After getting looted by turkish raider Muhammad Gajanvi in the year 1024 so many rulers and social activists tried to rebuild it but this temple got its actual form in 1951.

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It is believed that the original Somnath Temple was made by the Moon God and that too of Gold. Post it was destroyed to the ground, it was rebuilt in silver by Ravana, the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. This silver temple was also knocked down and then reconstructed by Krishna in Wood. It was again pulled down and an structure of stone was created by Bhimdev.

Geographical Presence – Baan Stambh

One special thing about this place is known as this Pillar which is named “Baan Stambh”. This Baan Stambh is famous because if a straight line starts from this point then it can go till Antarctic without any land in between. Isn’t this amazing?

Somnath Temple, Now As A Popular Tourist Spot!

Everyday thousands of people visit the Somnath Temple. Pilgrims from all across the country come here to feel the religiousness. It feel like Lord Shiva is almost everywhere, be it the everyday aarti or thousands of pandits chanting shiva strotam , the whole atmosphere is so so religious that you too get carried away with it. It is said that complete interior of this temple was once made of gold before invasion and even today the interior of this temple shines like gold. Thousands of pilgrims come every day to have one glance of their lord Shiva!

Don’t Miss The Fairs And Festivals

The Somnath temple celebrates a huge fair on the Kartik Purnima, i.e the day of the full moon. The Karthik Purnima falls in the month of November/December. In the month of March another popular celebration to check out is the Maha Shivratri.

This temple is located on the seashore of the Arabian sea which makes this site even more beautiful. It actually seems like the whole sea is praising Lord Shiva. Although you can visit this place any time round the year, the best season to visit would be the winters- months from October to March.

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Have you already been to the Somnath Temple? Then do share your experiences with us as comments below.

Featured Photo by Gujarat Tourist Guide

Somnath Temple, The Pride Of Gujarat

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