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Sojha is a quaint village located in Himachal Pradesh. This village is known for its idyllic scenic beauty that pictures the dense forests, deodars and thick wooded hill slopes. The place is eminent for nature walks, waterfall and forts. Here’s a list on the top 5 places that you cannot afford to miss.

Waterfall Point– The waterfall point is a mesmerizing way to have a good laugh with nature. The place soothes your senses and relaxes your mind. It is situated at a distance of 1 km from Shoja. The best time to visit this place is during morning.

Jalori Pass– it is a trekker’s paradise. The pass is located near to Delhi. It is situated at a distance of around 100 km from Shimla in heaven Kullu. Lying at an altitude of around 10,800 square feet, this place features some of the uneven roads and terrain. The destination provides a view of Snowclad Mountains. The environment is calm, pleasant and it is home to exotic flora and fauna. Owing to the high altitude and curvy roads, the journey can be adventurous but with caution the dangers can be bypassed. While trekking, you can have a view of beautiful places like national park, lake, Sakiran, forts and other interesting spots. It is believed that once Pandavas visited this place during their exile. On reaching the pass, the tourists can have a look at the temple. There are several dhabas serving the local cuisine at its best. Locals can guide you better. If you are not fond of trekking, car and bikes can be the best option. Other tips to follow are:- the best time to visit this pass is in between June to October. It is better not to go during the winter season, as the fog may deepen your worries. Ensure that your car is fully filled and follow all the safety measures. Hiring a local driver is a better option. If you have an altitude sickness, then it is better to avoid visiting this place.

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Serlosar Lake– This lake attracts large number of tourists. Located at a distance of 5 kms from Jalori Pass, the lake features clear water with gurgling sound. The place is known for the temple built to worship Goddess Budhi Nagin. The legend has it that the Goddesses have 100 of guardians that act as a warrior to the place. The entire walk to this lake is enchanting and is wrapped with a thick cover of trees.
Tirthan Valley-this place is famous for its wild life and fishing treasure. The valley houses the Great Himalayan National Park, and is the best spot for hunting fishes. There are several steps taken to protect the wild life creature from the undesirable elements. The place is eminent among the tourists for its natural and scenic beauty.

Raghupur Fort-Raghupur Fort is a place that enchants historic travelers. Constructed by the Mandi rulers to protect themselves from the invaders, today it lies in a dilapidated condition. However, what attracts tourists more than the fort is a way to reach the destination. It is around 3 km from Jalori pass and the pass unwinds itself with lot of curves after a kilometer. The path is covered with lush green trees and Himalayas in the backdrop.

It is a place that will quench your thirst for amazing wildlife and fishing. Trithan valley is famous for housing the Great Himalayan National Park, the best spot for angling; several steps have been taken to protect the belt from undesirable impacts. The place is quite famous among the tourists.

Featured Photo by vinodbahal

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