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Having the Erratic path, greater sloppy trail, also clogged ice at the surface creates the pathway to the snow camp out near Lake Prashar. Camp out in almost 2730 meters, between the circuits of the Himalayas, nearby the lake through the charming surroundings is the best exciting holiday getaway you could plan this winter season.

Situated at the environs of Beas river, it is said to be the fashionable jewel of Himachal at the same time it is considered to be the perfect holiday getaway from Delhi. The Baggi village overseeing the snow-covered mounts of the Himalayan Mountain range creates the way for the Lake Prashar. Through mesmerizing beau surrounding you, snow camp out nearby Lake Prashar would be the tour to recollect. Here is the reason behind it.

Why camp out at Prashar Lake is the camper’s delight?


The tactical position of the Prashar Lake sets it in the best of the camper’s dream place. Speaking about further thrills at the offering, the perfidious track leading towards up to the Lake Prashar is attractively decorated up by way of enriched greenery in addition to flowers all over.

Good time for the snow camping in Lake Prashar

Prashar Lake photoPhotos by blackfog,

From the month of December till the month of March is the ideal time since the complete place is been carpeted by the dense sheet of the snow that creates the lake appear like the sparkling jewel. In case you are merely seeking for the campout- excluding the snow- Furthermore, the month of July and August could add up between the great months for visiting the lake Prashar while the rich greenery as well as blossoming flowers enclosed and offer it the different look.

The temperature in Lake Prashar: The Mercury will fall down till – 9 degrees at the time of winter season also during the summer months till will go up to 23 degrees. So pack your luggage accordingly. But, the weather condition nearby the lake will tend to remain moderate then creates it perfect for camping.

Reaching Lake Prashar in winter


In order to reach Lake Prashar, initially, you need to reach the Mandi then also you need to hire the vehicle so as to reach Suda village through the Baggi village.

By Air: The Gaggal Airport, in Dharamshala town, is the closest airfield in the distance of about 87 km from Lake Prashar. Also, this airport is very well connected from Delhi. Then from Dharamshala, you could pick the private vehicle for reaching the campsite nearby the lake straight.

By Rail: The Kanoh Railway station is the nearby rail terminus towards the Lake Prashar in the distance of almost 48 km. You need to hire the taxi from thereon so as to reach the campsite.

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By Road: You can choose the normal buses that start from Delhi then to Kullu-Manali, then get down in Mandi, and from there you can pick a private cab.

Prashar Lake photoPhotos by blackfog,

Suda is a situated couple of kilometers uphill from the Baggi en-route near Lake Prashar. In 7.5 km from the lake, this is the closest way to reach the lake through the vehicle at the time during the month of December until March since all through winter season the routes going to the lake are locked because to dense snowfall. From this place, the mere approach to reach this lake is through trekking.

Overall, it will consume around 13 – 14 hours to reach the lake from Delhi, that creates it not a much comfortable one, yet it is total worth the weekend getaway.

To be noted: You are advised to carry dry fruits also snacks which would serve you for a couple of days since Lake Prashar at winter season is not the place which will boast of lot many eateries.

Start and End destination: The Suda Village

Duration: It will consume one night and two days to finish the camping as well as trek. The time attains to reach the initial point of the trek at the same time of reaching the home from that of the end point of the trek might be calculated additionally.

Distance covered: The distance covered would be almost 7.5 km from each side that means you would be wrapping nearly the total of 15 km at 2 days.

Camp out at the Lake Prashar is the great inexpensive for your latter two days, also surely the incredible weekend holiday from the Delhi you could delight in this winter season.

The journey of utmost trekking in addition to camping planner’s ruins pretty much like this:


Day 1: Reaching the Suda Village at Mandi by way of Baggi.

Night 1: This is the initial starting point of the trek. The Night stay in the hotel. You will be spending that night in Suda Village at Thakur hotel. This village remains to be the ideal starting point for the trek, apart from that it also the comfortable lodging selection that offers the best food. Also, you can take up a homestay if possible.

Day 2: Trekking towards Prashar Lake from the Suda Village

The Lake Prashar is approximately a 3-4 hour trek which takes you by way of woods, ridges and charming sights of Pir Panjal, Kinnaur and Dhauladhar mount ranges. Take a good breakfast and startup the trek. By you pass, always check with the villagers that the direction you by are always correct since the path turn out to be tough by snow done with it.

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As said that attaining the lake Prashar at winter season is surely a pretty much tricky one yet the experience after completing the trek would be really a worth one.

The paths leading to the lake Prashar is fantastic and deals a breathtaking sight of snow-covered mounts in addition to rich greenery everywhere. Once reaching the camp area, you will be served with delicious snacks, and then followed by a pleasant dinner.

Night 2: Snow camp out at Lake Prashar

lake-prashar-4Photos by blackfog,

You are now ready to delight in the night camp out nearby Lake Prashar. Blow out the tents below the massive sky through the clear vision of the Milky Way. Do not miss out to capture the spectacular look of sparkling stars by your camera.

Furthermore, there are a lot of events which you could plot for that night. Camp out is nothing then all about having much fun with your friends as well as fellow campers also pampering at activities such as making a bonfire, stargazing, enjoying in games such as truth or dare and antakshari, at the same time late-night barbecue sessions.

Day 3: Trekking back towards Suda village

Get up to the splendid sunrise revivifying the snow-covered peaks, the really mesmeric sight to feast your eyes on. Revel in the lavish breakfast and then head back towards Baggi to start up the returning journey to your relevant destination from Mandi.

Rate for snow camping nearby Lake Prashar

There are few solo travelers who will make up their weekend holiday trip just by spending a pretty much INR 1000; you can also choose tour organizers where they will charge you around INR 3000 – 4000 for the two days trek that will comprise of all basic amenities that the tour will require.

In case you are the person where you are making your own trek then ensure that you carry the well-equipped and have the camping essentials with you.

Snow camp out advice

• Attempt the “penguin walk”, the art of walking in the snow that involves dragging your foot deprived of greatly lifting.
• Sunglasses are compulsory while trekking as they avoid the snow blindness.
• Make sure you sleep by your boots in case you are not used to great cold circumstances so this will retain you the warm and comfortableness.
• Although sunscreen benefits avert the sunburns, maintain to stay protected as much as you can.
• Prevent being harsh to your skin since great conditions create them gentle and susceptible.

Featured Image Photo by blackfog

Snow Camp Out Near Lake Prashar-Exciting Holiday Getaway From Delhi

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