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Enchanting Temple Of Siyali Mahadev In Manali

For entire India or even for the rest of the world, Lord Mahadeva is no less than a blessing who has been safeguarding everyone’s life, giving us all the health and wealth that we deserve. This belief in Lord Shiva is no new and it’s been propelling in our Indian spiritual heritage since ages.

According to almost every mythological story, Lord Shiva left his footprints or presence in the form a ‘Ling’ in different regions of India. These ‘Lings’ are called as ‘Mahadev Jyotirlingas.’ As of now, the Indian priests have discovered around 64 Jyotirlingas in entire India amid which only 12 has been considered as auspicious and blessed ones. Due to this reason, these are acknowledged as ‘Baraah Jyotirlingas’ or (12 Jyotirlingas).  

Among all those 12 Jyotirlingas, today we are going to talk about Siyali Mahadev Temple which holds high importance in the Indian heritage giving the natives a sense of security to leave freely. Here is all that you need to know about Siyali Mahadev Temple.

The Center Of Devotion – Siyali Mahadev Temple

Located in the scenic beauty of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, Siyali Mahadev Temple is a great center of attraction for all the devotes of Lord Shiva all around the world. According to the natives, this temple is one of the oldest temples of India where Lord Shiva itself lives and blesses the place. Apart from the spiritual peace and patience, this temple is quite popular for its architectural beauty which is simply notable.

Standing all alone in between the high landscapes of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, and this temple can be witnessed from a far distance easily. It has been furnished with high-quality rich-brown colored wood that has a unique texture making the temple look even more beautiful from every angle. On top of this, if you are passionate about clicking pictures and enjoying the scenic beauty of Himachal Pradesh at its best, then do not forget to carry your camera with you. Why? Well, the temple is all surrounded by farmhouses having green vegetables, alluring rivulets and much more. It is no less than a perfect spot to click pictures for your Facebook display.

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The level of spiritually at this temple is above caste, creed, religion, and everything. Whosoever comes here to worship Lord Shiva is treated with the same respect, admiration, and curiosity. And somehow this is what makes it a perfect place to relish your devotion at its best and purest form. Just in case, you are going there to enjoy the most beautiful time at this temple, then reaching there by early evening is the best time to enjoy the evening prayers and to taste delicious blessing of Lord Shiva in the form of ‘Prashad,’ offered by the regional priests or temple caretakers.

Final Thoughts 

This blog speaks about Siyali Mahadev temple which is located in the surreal beauty of Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This temple holds a high value and importance according to the Hinduism mythology.

Featured “Photo of Bijli Mahadev Temple” by Akshat Sharma under CC BY-SA 4.0

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