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Guess where the Sindhi people originally belong to, well they belong to Sindh which is now in Pakistan. The Sindhi’s are theoretical believed to have some deep prehistoric roots. Today we are going to discuss about Sindhi food. If I try to explain it briefly, then the real beauty of Sindhi food lies in real simplicity. Sindhi cuisine is all about amazing taste and flavours and also the unique methods of preparation. Below is a list of 14 amazing Sindhi delicacies that you must try at least once in your lifetime. But that’s the catch. Once you get a taste, you’ll want more & more!

15 Most Celebrated Sindhi Delicacies One Must Try

1. Koki

Let’s start from the most popular Sindhi breakfast, Koki. Koki is a thick stuffed paratha which is made of onions, green chillies and coriander. These Koki’s can be served with curd, pickle or any curry. Actually Koki can match up quite well with almost everything, yes trust me everything. Well my favourite match has always been Koki with a hot cup of tea. Well I was lucky to have a Sindhi friend in school, I have had loads of them before!

2. Sai Bhaji / Saag

Sai Bhaji is another popular Sindhi delicacy, a preparation made with chana daal and palak (spinach) cooked up with generous amount of spices and tomatoes. Sai Bhaji or Saag is served typically with hot steamed rice or pulav. This is an exceptionally delicious preparation and you will surely love the aroma and flavours.

3. Fried Lolo

An absolutely scrumptious sweet dish, which is sugary of course but too crusty. Fried Lolo is basically a fried flatbread which is made of flour mixed up with some ghee and sugar syrup. The best part of this sweet surprise is the flavour of ground cardamom.

4. Papad

Well this would be a funny mention, but I felt it was important to mention this remarkable dish cause without papad no Sindhi platter can ever be complete. Sindhis like them both ways roasted and fried up. An interesting way of serving papad is to add in some salads and sprinkle some chaat masala and it’s a killer side dish.

5. Sindhi Kadhi

Sindhi Kadhi is not that typical yellow colour Kadhi that has besan and pakoras in it. But it actually feels like a surprise as it has so many veggies like, potatoes, peas, lady-finger, brinjals, cauliflower many more. So it’s there’s a lot that goes along with the chickpea flour and even tamarind. Like all other Kadhi’s even the sindhi kadhi is enjoyed with plain rice. People who love sour and tarty taste, the sindhi kadhi will surely tickle your taste buds.

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6. Bhori / Kutti

Bhori is another sweet dish from the sindi kitchen. It is a unique preparation made by putting together one of the simplest ingredient, guess what! Some Freshly Cooked Rotis. Yes, some freshly made roti’s are crushed finely and then mixed together with loads of ghee and sugar. Reminds me of my childhood days, this dish is served hot. One interesting thing about bhori is that it is considered to be a great energy food.

7. Aloo/Arbi Tuk

This one of for those who loyes that’s the right description of this tuk recipe. potatoes or kachaalu are flattened and deep-fried two times, and then mixed up with some spicy masalas. It’s simply awesome.

8. Dal Pakwaan

Another breakfast dish which is totally awesome. Daal Pakwaan is the Sindhi version of Puri and Sabzi. Here Pakwaans are the large round and crunchy maida puris and Dal is the curry which is made with chana dal. Served with some onions, fried hot green chillies, tamarind & coriander and mint chutney. What can beat this?

9. Bhuga Chawal (Pulav)

Bhuga Chawal, many confuse this dish as Biryani but they are totally different when it comes to taste. Bhuga Chawal is a Sindhi pulav which is prepared by adding in some rice alonf with loads of deep fried onions and garam masala. This sindhi pulav tastes heavenly with Sai Bhaji, the combination will surely make you droll over.

10. Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi and Falooda doesn’t need any introduction as it is a legend isn’t it? This is another dish which the Sindhis love, hence it was important to mention. Kulfi alonf with some sweetened vermcilli, curshed ice, cream and that cold Sharbat is something one can die for.

11. Seyal Fulka

What do you with those left over chapatis? Make Roti-Poha? But Sindhi’s do something totally different with their overnight chapattis. They make Seyal fulka, something which is totally delicious. The left over chapatis are broken into pieces and then cooked along with some tomatoes, onion, green chillies and garlic and what you get is a spicy and tangy treat.

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12. Dodhoo Jawar & Bajra

Another variety of Sindhi special paratha. The unique part is that it is made with hand instead of that typical rolling pin. This paratha is made with a mixture of jowar along with green garlic, trust me it’s totally delicious. It goes pretty well with Dal or curd.

13. Seyal Bhee

Lotus plant cooked with a sindhi twist. Sindhis make their own version of lotus plant, they add their favourite spices along with some onions, tomatoes and potatoes. This dish takes the lotus plant to a all-new level.

14. Maajun

A Sindhi mithai (sweet) made with loads and loads of different dry fruits. Cashew-nuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and dates isn’t that too much of goodness in one bite? Maajun is believed to give a lot of energy and strength to those who eat it along with an incomparable taste.

15. Sana Pakora

These are another double fry snack item; we can even say these are Sindhi Pakoras with a twist. When we say twist we mean, initially the thick batter is fried up in one big chunks and post that it is broken down into small pieces and fried up again. The crisp and crunch is something that no one can ever beat. Don’t you want to try some of those fried up goodness?

Trying Sindhi Food will surely tickle your taste buds and give you an experience that you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Go and get some delicious Sindhi food and enjoy great flavours hidden in the simplicity. In case you want to add any dish to this list, please leave us a comment.

Featured Photo by Sameer Goyal Jaipur

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Sindhi Cuisine, 15 Most Celebrated Delicacies One Must Try

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