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These caves are located on the bank of River Simsang that comprises of several chambers and labyrinths. This cave is also popularly known as Cave of Bats or as Dobakkol.

The dark cave comprises of a perennial river that flows from it and is rich in various biodiversity elements like stalagmites, stalactites. Some rarest species of bat can be easily located here. There is a bird sanctuary located opposite to Simsang river and is often named as Siju bird sanctuary. Many wild animals including rare and endangered animals find this place appropriate to live in.  There is a steep climbing that you need to pass in order to enter the sanctuary. Here, you can also have a look at rocky terrains that can be stretched to a vast land. As a traveler, you can perform several activities like trekking, angling, river rafting, fishing. And if you are not among the adventurous lot, sit and see the peaceful ebb and flow of the river.

Some facts disclosed about the caves

It is the third largest caves in India that makes the tourists go wary. Before going to the cave, it is important to carry the basic tools like torch, extra pair of clothes and water proof shoes.

The caves are still untouched by the human hands and are home to limestone. The cave is one of the longest caves in India and nobody has a record to reach to the end of the cave.

The cave should not be explored without any local assistant. If you want to enter the cave and see the length and breadth of it, contact the local person. The place is located in a remote region where your mobiles may not work.  So, if any day you are not able to reach to your tourist friend, don’t worry.

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The place is not fully developed. Hence, it doesn’t have a wide range of hotels or restaurants to satiate your taste buds because still tourists fear from visiting this place. If you want to stay, you can check in with the guest house provided by the government. The guest house of tourist department has certain issues like leakage, so we advise you to stay in forest department guest house. For food, you can either bring here from the market or cook yourself in their kitchen or hire a local for cooking food. The guest house has power outrage issues and the food is cooked using wood and you may have to pay additional amount to purchase the wood.

As told earlier, the caves remains filled with water and sometimes the depth may be as high as 84-120 inches, so its better to carry along a pair of extra clothes. Further, if you want to relish the caving experience buy a good caving watch along with batteries.
The place can be easily accessed through the road.

What is the best time to visit this place?

The best time to visit this place is definitely not the monsoon season. The best time to visit this place is from April-June.

Photo by flurdy

Siju Caves

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