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Mehandi is a tradition and plays a vital role in all Indian Marriages. Mehandi is a henna paste that is normally bought in a cone shaped tube and created designs for all women’s and sometimes even men’s. Mehandi carries quite a lot of cultural importance in the Indian Tradition. It may be weddings, Karva Chauth or other celebrations; mehndi shows a serious part in all of the ceremonies as well as festivals of India. In recent era of innovation, the new styles along with designs of mehndi are coming up, giving glamor as well as fun to it.

When you take Indian marriage it is one of the best vital pre-wedding rituals called the Mehandi ki raat. The gorgeous bride that is the woman who is getting married will be adorned her hands as well as feet with stunning designs prepared out of henna. In line with the tradition, even the groom will also apply a bit of Mehandi on his hands plus feet. The whole ritual is a fun-filled occasion with all family member in addition to close friends of both the bride and groom being a part of it. On the other hand, apart from creating a fun pre-wedding ceremony, the Mehandi ritual will carry out the depth root of cultural worth to it. Now let’s see the beautiful significance of them in every Indian marriage.

Customary Ritual

Before the wedding ceremony, applying Mehandi on the hands and legs of the bride and for the groom on the hands is been the one of the oldest traditions in India. The ritual, yet, comprises a decorative application of Mehandi designs on a bride’s hands and feet. When you take the groom, they usually will not apply full on hands however a mere token of application is done as a tradition since it is a mark of good omen.

This mehandi function is followed in many parts of India as a wedding tradition also in the neighboring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. As well if you take the Muslim it is pretty popular among them. Based on the Islamic literature, the Prophet Muhammad will use the Mehandi as a dye to his beard also managed its uses to people those who were unwell. This is the reason for the people in the Indian subcontinent as well as in several Arabic nations; it has been made the vital pre-wedding ritual.

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Significance of Mehandi

  • It symbolizes the tie of matrimony, in addition, is then, reflected as an ashagun which means the sign of good luck. It shows the love and affection among the couple also their families.
  • There also few familiar beliefs that are related to this tradition:
  • How much dark is the color of the Mehandi is on a bride’s hand it shows that much deep love among the would-be-couple.
  • As well the color represents the affection and understanding between a bride and her mother-in-law.
  • As long the Mehandi retains it to color on the bride hands that greatly auspicious it is for the just-marrieds.
  • It is likewise believed to be a symbolic sign of fertility.

By: danfex19CC BY 2.0

It is recognized for its good medicinal stuff. The herb of it is very much advantageous for the growth of nails. The cooling effect present in the herbs helps us in comforting stress, headaches then fever. Hence, Mehandi is applied to get rid of the bride and the groom of all the wedding stress. It even safeguards the couple from any of the viral diseases before the wedding.

The attractive Mehandi ritual positively enhances extra colors to the wedding celebrations. However more than that, the profound embedded traditional importance involved to it moreover creates it an essential part of the Indian bride’s identity.

Featured Image by By: Hiral Henna – CC BY 2.0

Significance Of Mehandi In Marriage That Every Girl Should Know

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