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Shopping In Kolkata –  Explore The Variation Of Bengal And Its Culture

Kolkata is known as the cheapest city of India. Every traveler must visit the city to explore the variation of Bengal and its Bengali culture. You can also explore the famous market of Kolkata which has a long history and is diverse. Apart from Delhi, Kolkata is also considered as a shopping destination because there are some places where you would love to shop all at a great bargain. Kolkata is steeped in culture and takes pride in its cultural heritage, and so one can find stocked up ethnic clothes in Kolkata markets. There is also some market in Kolkata where you can find trendy unbranded western kinds of stuff apart from a brand.

Shopping In Kolkata – The Best Places

Here is the list of some famous shopping markets which need to be explored by the shopaholics while visiting Kolkata:

new market kolkata photo
an evening at new market! by Rajarshi MITRA under CC BY 2.0

1. New Market

The new market is the most popular and the oldest market in Kolkata and has been in existence since the colonial period. One can find anything in this market from electronic gadgets to shoes to latest fashionable clothes. One can also find popular and rare food items in the new market. There is more than 2000 stall to shop in the new market and all the shops are divided on the basis of different items that are sold by them. All the shops in the new market are crowded throughout the day. One can choose and bargain from the clusters of items according to the requirements. Trendy Footwear, bags, saris, jewelry are available at reasonable rate.

2. Dakshinapan

It is an open-air market where you can buy the best Indian handicrafts and artifacts. This market is situated near Ghariahat road. It is a treasure trove of all designs and styles. There are different stalls from the different state like Rajasthan, Assam, Orissa and also some other states products selling authentic items at a reasonable price. The shops also sell the variety of home appliances and furniture. The stalls also offer trendy clothes at cheap rates and also there some best tea selling stalls are known for their tea.

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3. Bara Bazaar

This marketplace can be described as sheer madness. This market is known as the cheapest and biggest shopping destination in Kolkata. This market is the largest wholesale market and offers everything and anything that a person wants. Bara Bazaar is the hub of all right from a small needle to wedding items. This market is divided into the different area that deals with specific items like spices, gift items, toys, hardware items, bed-sheets, utensils, chocolates, decorative items, raw materials for construction, home, and decor items, clothes, stationary etc. There are also some famous sweet shops in Bara Bazaar. Most of the shops in Bara Bazaar are owned by Marwaris and Gujaratis, so even the tiniest customs items are available in this market. Many top industries and companies source their materials from this market.

4. College Street

There is no other place to shop than the college street for a book lover. This street houses Presidency College and Calcutta University and is the place for readers delight. There are plenty of bookstall in a line. Every particular subject book is found here. All the books right from business to linguistics, literature to medicines are found at reasonable prices. Another famous attraction of this street is the famous coffee house which is the oldest coffee shop in Kolkata. One can buy both the first edition and second edition book at reasonable prices. You can also get stationary items here.

market kolkata photo
Photo by the_gman under CC BY-SA 2.0

5. Gariaghat Market – This market is situated in the southern part of Kolkata and is near Ballygunge area. It offers all the variety of options to the visitor right from jewelry to clothes to shoes and even pets. There are also some famous restaurants which offer the best food. The Gariaghat market has also come up with some big retailers shops and mall which offers indoor shopping experience.

6. Mullick Ghat Flower Market

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This flower market is seen on the east side of the Howrah Bridge and is a celebration of aromas and colors. The local vendors sell exotic and rare flowers in this market. This market offers every variety of flower species like gladiolas, lilies, orchids, tuberoses and much more. It is the cheapest shopping place to buy flowers in bulk quantities. All the boutiques and local markets buy flowers in bulk and sell them at double rates. This flower market is a great pocket saver and a visual treat to buy flowers for some special occasion at your workplace or at home.

7. B.K market

This market is located in Shakespear Sarani road approx 500 meters ahead of the A.C market. This market offers inexpensive accessories and fashion wears. The items are offered at the cheap rate because most of the items are imported from Bangkok. This place has all the latest fashion and styles right from trendy clothes to nightwears to fancy bags and slippers.

8. Metro Plaza

Thinking to buy the latest collection of footwear at a reasonable price, then Metro Plaza is the best place to shop at. It is a 3 storied building in which the top floor is whole crowded with innumerable shoe-stalls and that also at cheap rates. The uncountable metro plaza shops offer both trendy and fashionable western and ethnic accessories and products. Metro Plaza is located at Ho Chi Minh Sarani road.

9. A.C market

This market is the first air-conditioned Mall in Kolkata. The A.C market is situated in Theatre road. It is 3 storied building with underground floors and offers everything right from western choices to ethnic choices for its customers. There are innumerable shops in this market which offers plenty of options at reasonable rates.

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Apart from the places mentioned above, there are many more places in Kolkata where you can enjoy shopping. There are also some famous malls like Quest mall in Ballygunge, South City Mall in Prince Anwar Shah Road, Forum Mall in Elgin Road, City Center 1 and 2, Mani Square Mall, Avani Mall and much more which offers branded materials for a brand freak customer.

Featured Photo:Chaotic Marketplace by Ramnath Banerjee under CC BY 2.0



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