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Shigmo mel is the spring festival celebrated by the Konkani hindu people of Goa. It is very much like the Holi, celebrated around the country. If you love colours, and you love celebration and festivities, shigmo mel is the festival you must never miss. It is not just about colours, but a street festival consisting of dance, music, goan shigmo musics and float parade. The shigmo 2017 was a feast for the eyes. There are two kinds of shigmo festival celebrated in Goa:

  • Dhakto shigmo- celebrated by farmers and rural people.
  • Vhadlo shigmo- the bigger festival celebrated by everyone.

Significance of Shigmo mel

Shigmo festival is to celebrate the homecoming of warriors who had left their families at the end of Dussehra to fight for their country. People dressed as mythological characters perform folk dances, sing the goan shigmo songs and enact religious scenes to welcome them home. The celebrations in the shigmo 2017 were something to be remembered for a long time.

The shigmo mel is also celebrated as a harvest festival. It marks the ripening of winter crops.

When it is Celebrated

Shigmo is celebrated in the lunar month of ‘Phalgun’. Dhakto shigmo celebration starts around five days before the full-moon day of Phalgun and ends on the full moon day. Vhadlo shigmo, on the other hand, starts on the full moon day and is continued for five days after that. The complete festival lasts around 10-14 days. The shigmo in goa 2017 was commenced on 14th of March and ended for 14 days.

shigmo melPhoto by sderle

What You Can See in a Shigmo Festival

The shigmo mel is a grand celebration which you must not miss. The Goan people perform acts, sing goan shigmo songs, dance in colourful outfits and celebrate to the fullest. You can have a glimpse of the typical traditional life of goa, which is performed on streets. Shigmo is street festival basically. People holding multicoloured flags, singing and dancing, playing various musical instruments, is a treat for the eyes. Huge life-like idols of Hindu gods and mythological characters are carried in the procession. The float parade of shigmo in goa 2017 started on 18th March.

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shigmo melPhoto by fredericknoronha

The 14-day shigmo mel festival begins with the goan shigmo songs and the village deity is bathed and dressed. After offering the food to the deity, a grand feast is held. Many people witnessed the temple yatras during the shigmo in goa 2017. On the fifth day is the celebration of colours with different colours of gulal. This is called the Rang Panchami. The last day of shigmo mel is celebrated with colourful parades, goan shigmo songs, dance and processions which goes on till the night. The shigmo 2017 was celebrated with much pomp and vigour. Thousands of people came to enjoy the shigmo in goa 2017.

How to Reach Goa

Car: If you are a resident of Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai or Bangalore, you can take the NH 4A, NH 17, NH 17A routes to travel to goa. Renting a car or driving your own car can be a very good option. You can also enjoy the scenic beauty while you travel.

Train: There are six railway stations in Goa. Getting down on Vasco-da-Gama or Madgaon in south goa or Thivim in North Goa will be convenient for you. It is the cheapest option available.

Bus: There are several luxury and state-owned buses running from several cities to goa. Price of fare varies from area to area. Luxury buses run from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and New Delhi. State bus services provide daily buses from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. For a comfortable ride, you can opt for Volvo buses.

Air: If you are travelling by air, you would have to get down in Goa International Airport in Dabolim, situated  30 km away from Panjim. There are many domestic airlines which provide daily flights from major cities such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur etc. After getting down from the airport, you can easily avail local transportation facilities in Goa.

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The shigmo 2017 was a grand affair and you can enjoy the magnificent festival in this region only.

Featured Photo byfredericknoronha

Shigmo Mel: The Goan Holi That Drenches Your Soul

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