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It is very surprising to know, in today’s world where even locked and secured places are unsafe and trust, reliability within people is all most nil . There is a small place in our own country which is away from the rest of the country’s crime corruption and dishonesty. Shani Shingnapur  is a village in the state of Maharashtra . The temple of Shani is located in Nevasa taluka in the district of Ahmednagar, the village is popular for the temple of Shani, Lord Shani is a god related with the planet Saturn. 35 kilometer from Ahmednagar is Shani Shingnapur. They belief on the Lord Shani is firm and rigid. Till date they are not ready to change their thought over the change in time.

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The temple of Shani is belief to be very  “jagrut devasthan”  It is felt by the people of this village that a God lives in the temple.And God Shani is protecting the village and also punishes all who practice any kind of ill action. According to the folklore the God in form of a black stone was self evolved from Earth and is considered to evolved since Kali yug.


In a flood about 300 years ago, a black slab of rock floated into the river Panasnala, this river passes from the village of Shingnapur. On finding such a big slab of stone people started to touch it,then blood started to flow out of the slab which surprised the people. Later on the same night the village head had a dream , where God appeared and instructed him to built an idol out of this slab of stone and place it in the middle of the village. This would be Lord Shani’s resident and he would over look and protect the whole village.However Lord Shani also instructed not to make a roof for the Idol, as ‘He’ wanted to be under the blue sky. He also instructed that the idol should be worshiped everyday. On every Saturday ‘Tailabhisheka’ ,which is Abhisekham by pouring oil on the idol should be done.

  • After the installation of the huge slab on a ground of the village having no roof.The people of Shingnapur decided to remove all doors from the building,as they believed that Lord Shani is there to protect them.
  • Some have frames on the doorway of their house , even the public toilets have no door but a curtain for privacy.
  • Valuables  and ornaments are also not kept in lockers or hidden. Everyone left their important possession jewelry and money openly kept without any tension. The homes, offices and shops are always  opened .The people believe that their holy Lord is their guardian and will protect them all.
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About 5,000 resident live in Shingnapur and over 100 years the inhabitant of Shanignapur are living without doors in their homes and work place, with true devotion and faith on Lord Shani. The God of Satur – Lord Shani is a protector from all evils and crime.The new house or work place still follows the tradition, even the banks are constructed without doors.This is the only place where the banks have to provision for locker facilities. As having no door is against the banking law, so the door for banks were constructed however the doors are always open.The resident of the village are so confident about their safety that they do not even as  other to keep an eye on their belonging in their absence. They know if anyone tries to steal, the Lord will punish him for his ill act.

Some incidents narrated by the localities

  • When a village constructed door for his house, he meet with a car accident the next day.
  • In a couple of minute after stealing some valuable, a man had died out of pueing blood even before he could cross the premises of theft.
  • Similarly many have recieved a bad luck of seven years or mental/physical sickness for along period of time for their wrong works.

Huge number of visitors arrive to Shani Shingnapur everyday to get the blessing of Lord Shani and prayer for their protection.The temple has grown large with the help of all the devotees contribution and yet the shrine is roofless attracts devotees from across India. And as said by Lord himself Saturday being the day for his Abhishekam,so saturday are the more rush in the temple. Shani Thrayodashi is a favorite day for the lord Shani.

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Untill 2011 no theft or burglary was report in Shingnapur, some report were made in 2011. However the people of Shingnapur village claims that the theft took place out side the village. Although on the other hand it is said the remote location of the village is the reason for no crime. With the modernization some resident of the village wants to change the tradition and construct doors in their homes but the earlier generation is not granting permission for the same. They think this will offend Lord Shani and will cause harm to the village .

Well I am not sure about the fact of the belief of the villagers however even to have a place where no security is required or was not been required so far, is itself a miracle. Everywhere around us, we are unsure of being safe and secured even under high security . This small village of Shani Shingnapur has lived with the fear of insecurity and unsafe for years.Irrespective of the fact of Lord Shani protecting the village or not, the most important fact is the Faith.

Faith is the most superior power, which surely kept Shani Shingnapur away from the rest of the world’s corruption and dishonesty. In hope to keep the tradition alive the villager prohibited the construction of door and that Lord Shani will continue to protect them from every evil eye for the rest of their life and also the generation yet to come in Shani Shingnapur

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