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The icy mountain state Himachal Pradesh is popular for its beauty, adventurous trekking. Besides, the state has many beautiful serene lakes. The shimmering lakes are captivating visitors. The lakes are amidst the snow-covered mountains and hillocks. The isolated lakes give the visual treat to the tourists and avid travelers. All of the lakes in Himachal are splendid. We here point out some choosy and freezing lakes of Himachal Pradesh.

Chandratal Lake

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The mesmerizing Chandratal Lake is otherwise called as “Moon Lake”. It sprawls around 4300 meters at the Spiti valley. The wide of the lake is 2.5 km, the colors of the lake change according to the sky mood. Icy Himalayas surmounts the lakes. During spring season the trekking tourist can enjoy seeing colorful wildflowers. The fascinating lake is associated with the ancient Mahabharata story. Chinese Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang called the lake as, Lohitya Sarovar. One can find a number of holy shrines situated in the Chandra Tal Lake’s vicinity. Samudra Tapu Plateau comprises the lake beneath it.

Nako Lake:

Nako Lake is about 3662 meters above the sea level. It is situated in Kinnaur which is a wonderful landscape and during the summer one can escape from prickly heat. The willow and Poplar trees are bordered in an array around the Nako Lake. Near the Nako Lake, one can see the Buddhist Temples and Monasteries. The Nako Lake has been the border of the tiny Nako village. Hiking, experiencing spirituality can be explored on the spot. This is the perfect place for nature lovers and ornithologists because there are numbers of birds with various species fly over the glassy lake. Nako Lake is being the Buddhists destination and many Buddhists institutions are found in the proximity of the lake.

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Suraj Tal Lake

The scintillating lake is located in the upper Himalayan zones. Though there is a scanty snowfall, it spreads all around the year. But Rainfall is very meager.  Indians and foreign tourists enjoy trekking, motorcycling in the popular destination called Lahaul Spiti. Around the lake, tourists can see and enjoy mountains, valleys, lakes, waterfalls. Suraj Lake attracts lots of visitors out of its splendid surrounding sightseeing. The lake sprawls around 4950 meters below the Baralacha summit in the Lahaul region of Spiti, Lahaul district. Keylog is about 65 km from the Suraj Tal Lake.

Rewalsar Lake

Tso Pema Lotus Lake is another name of Rewalsar Lake. This lake is located on a hill spur in Mandi. This square shaped lake sprawls around 735 km. The lake comprises some temples surround it and the tourist can worship Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and Sage Lomas. The Lake sprawls around 1360 km and it is about 22 km from Mandi. Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhists are dwelling in the vicinity of the lake. A 12-meter statue of Padmasambhava is being the main attraction of the Lake. It has Gurudwara and Monasteries. So, the place has a spiritual importance.

Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake is above the Dhankar village with a height of 4136 meters in the middle of the hills. The lake is encircled with desolate cliffs. The tourists should walk a steep about 45 minutes in the Dhankar village and Gompa. Most of the people consider the climbing as an easy job, but the climb might engulf your breath. The climbing would be physically challenging. A splendid view is given by the lake. One can view the distant mountains enclosed with snow from the lake. Dhankar Lake gives a wonderful look of Manirang Peak, the highest peak of Himachal Pradesh which lies on the Kinnaur and Spiti district.

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Renuka Lake

Renuka Lake is quite popular for its historical values and culture. The lake is about 672 m above the sea level. This is the largest lake area wise, covering 3214 m circumference. There is a history of the lake. Renukaji, is the mother of Parashurama, one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu and wife of the sage Jamadagini. It had been told that, once upon a time, Sahasarjuna, an evil-minded man killed the sage in order to abduct Renukaji. But, Renuka jumped into the lake in order to escape from the evil man. Many people tried to recover her from the lake, but she permanently stayed back there and died. After her demise, the lake has been called in the name of Renuka Lake.

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Serene And Shimmering Lakes Of Himachal Pradesh

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