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Sector 17 Market In Chandigarh, The “Pedestrian’s Paradise”

Shopping is an activity that definitely makes one happy. It has become an important part and parcel of our life. Looking good and following the latest fashion are the two things which we are highly concerned about. Markets, brands, styles, and shops play a vital role in making your shopping a successful one. One such famous market in Chandigarh is the Sector 17 Market. It is a very famous shopping joint that is open all the seven days of the week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. You do not have to pay any fee to enter this market.

Many brands of international reputation can be found in Sector 17 Market. Not only the best clothing brands, but this market also features a few of the best restaurants in the city. Many local boutiques, famous restaurants, and branded shops have made this market a popular place to visit. Along with the restaurants, you can also find many roadside food stalls to satisfy your hunger after completing your shopping. You will get to taste all the local dishes of Chandigarh from these eating joints.

The owners maintain all the shops and showrooms in the Sector 17 Market very well. The prices of branded clothes are very affordable. Clothes of all price ranges are available here. This market is beautified with some excellent sculptures, colorful trees, and fountains. It is a must visit place for the locals and the tourist alike. The evening beauty of this market is mesmerizing, that attracts a large number of people every day. Most of the teenagers preferred the Sector 17 Market as the best place to hang out during the evening. It covers a large area with a large number of showrooms of various brands. The ground floor is fully owned by the showroom owners, whereas the other floors are owned by many restaurants, offices, and bars.

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You can select your favorite books, shoes, electronics goods, branded clothes and sports goods from used Range of varieties in Sector 17 Market. There are good arrangements of sitting for the visitors to take rest while shopping. There are green areas around the shopping complex that makes its surrounding greenery. All the shopping lovers consider this complex to be the best of the kind in Chandigarh. Not only branded showrooms, but there are also many Street shops outside the Sector 17 Market that sell garments at an affordable price range. You can buy all the beauty products for your daily use from this market. You can buy both branded and unbranded goods from there. This market provides a large area for parking the cars of the visitors.

The people of Punjab are especially known for their energetic and lovable behavior all over the world. They are always full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. This local market of Chandigarh truly portrays this nature of the Punjabi people. The Sector 17 Market has the features of both the mall and an open market. You can also find branded shoes, Punjabi sandals, wedding dresses, office garments and jeans in this popular market. You can buy from kids’ garments to the latest trendy apparels in this one market. No matter whether you are a local or a tourist, you will surely enjoy shopping at Sector 17 Market in Chandigarh. Sector 17 is already known for its popular restaurants, overcrowded market, and warm hospitality.

Make sure to visit this wonderful place in Chandigarh the next time you plan to travel to this city. There are also a lot of luxury hotels available around this well-known shopping complex. Include Sector 17 Market in your itinerary as a must visit place in Chandigarh.

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Featured “Photo of At the Deepavali market in Little India, Singapore” by _paVan_ under CC By 2.0

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