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This stunning destination is located at the altitude of above 1600 meters nearby the Tirthan River at the Kullu district in the state of Himachal Pradesh; the Tirthan Valley is the place of mystified glory as well as the virgin. Just follow the one trail otherwise the additional one, walk in the wood else nearby the Tirthan river, otherwise pamper at the adventure activities- the quaint valley provides the plenty chances for the bizarre tourists at its unaware landscapes.

Reason for visiting the Tirthan Valley

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The enchanted spurt at the Great Himalayan National Park ecozone would tie up you from entire the sophisticated dilemmas and offer the calming atmosphere to disremember the flora and fauna overall. The Tirthan Valley is the perfect destination for the surplus of events together with inters alia, hiking, trout fishing, and camping, trekking, bonfires, at the same time photography.

The latter era it has perceived the great rise at the ecotourism. There are several close destinations where travelers gather at huge in numbers – Tosh, Kasol, Kheerganga, Manali, etc. This Tirthan Valley, yet, has succeeded to endure the destination less journeyed to. Therefore, you could be assured of discovery loneliness as well as peace at this destination through fun-filled events galore.

The Several Activities that should not be missed out at the Tirthan Valley


The trekkers and travelers could have a treat at several thrilling and adventure activities where you can delight in the whole day with the fun-filled events. List out below are the few activities that should not be missed out at the Tirthan Valley.

• Rock hiking, jumaring together with rappelling
• Trout fishing and angling
• River crossing
• Hiking and night trekkin
• Camping
• Photography
• Bird watching
• White water rafting
• Horseback riding
• Kayaking
• Star gazing
• Yoga & meditation

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If you are going with your family then choosing a trip organizer would be the ideal one. The trip of most trekking as well as the trip or travel organizer and planner’s plans the trip pretty much like below:

Journey Route: The travel starts from Delhi – then Tirthan valley – The Great Himalayan National Park (Some travelers wish to visit the National Park) – Then back to Delhi. The below-mentioned route and plan are just the similar one that most of the trip organizers would choose and we shared this so as when you plan a trip towards Tirthan Valley this plan or guide might be much helpful. You can also prefer some other route that you may think it is perfect and comfortable for you.


Day 1: Delhi – Banjar or Tirthan Valley

The distance would be around 510 km. It might take approx. 12 hours of a day. The journey towards the Tirthan Valley originates from Majnu ka Tila at the Delhi (Choosing an evening trip is good one since the climate created the feel of serenity and soothing). The overnight trip towards the Tirthan Valley will really be a memorable one.

Day 2: Local Exploring of the Waterfall

You can check in at any of the hotels and take a rest for a while and then fresh-up. Get ready to take a drive along to the river shore rest house. This will really offer you the best accommodation along with a peaceful relaxation.

Here you can have fun with the several water activities such as fishing, river crossing and lot more. From there you will need to take 2 km climb in order to reach the waterfall. The waterfall still remains to be the mesmeric site for bathing and having fun. In case you have been accompanied with the trip organizers they will take you back to the hotel to continue the next day trip. Some will travelers will prefer to choose the trip from there onwards.

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Day 3: Jalori Viewpoint and Serolsar Lake

You can start up the journey after having your breakfast. Then you can leave for a trip towards the Jalori Pass. This is the place to relish in the striking 360° sight of the Great Himalayas in addition to the Kullu Valley. If you desire you can also choose a trek towards Serolsar Lake since this is the place popular for the temple that is been devoted to Deity Budhi Nagin.

Day 4: Trip towards the Great Himalayan National Park and Return Journey to Delhi

You can check out from the hotel once after having a great breakfast since after visiting the Great Himalayan National Park you can leave to Delhi. If you prefer to return to the hotel and start later after taking a refresh then that also goes well. This option depends upon the travelers.

You can have a good tour in the great Himalayan National Park. Precede the sightseeing by having a look at the different and rare animals in the park. Once after you visit the National park you could return back to Delhi tonight or prefer leaving the next day.

Hope this trip plan is useful when you plan your trip to Tirthan Valley. So why wait, and then start planning your holiday to Tirthan Valley and delight in the fun-filled journey away for a few days away from this hectic tension of the world.

Featured Image Photo by parth joshi

The Secluded Paradise-Tirthan Valley The Ideal Destination

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