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The nineties kids have taken up a habit of showcasing the important aspects of the era through posting their childhood memories on the social media. So, as a 90’s myself, hailing from the city of joy, Kolkata, I am here to write about my childhood experiences with two of the most happening amusement parks of our childhood, The Science City and the Nicco Park. I still remember the days from my childhood, when I used to make plans with my father to take us to these two esteemed amusement parks, which served as the weekend and holiday destination of each kid of the town. Science City and Nicco parks, were impossible to be visited on the same day, because face it, once you get at any of the two, you will lose yourself in joyous wonderment of science. Science can be enlightening as well as joyful at the same time, and this notion had been substantiated with the establishment of these amusement parks. Alongside colorful candies, manually operated toys, soft toys and story books, we also grew eager to visit these two mighty places and gossip about our experiences of visiting these places to our classmates and neighborhood friends.

Today, when the kids, as well as the grown-ups, await the details of their favorite movies, serial seasons, movies, digital gadgets and the communicating devices, we as the 90’s kids awaited the launch of any new ride or shows in both of these amusement parks. Science City and Nicco Park will always be closer to our hearts, because, hey! We used to study hard and acquire good grades so that our parents can take us there for the next memorable outing that we can talk of or discuss with our bosom buddies. In this article, I have jotted won the history of the establishments of Nicco Park and Science City, which marked a new era in the amusement park industry of the erstwhile India of 1990’s.

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The History of Science City and its essential aspects for the 90’s kids

Science City in Kolkata is considered to be the largest center of science in Indian sub-continent. This is registered under the National Council of Science Museums, which in turn lies under the umbrella of Ministry of Culture. This was opened in the year 1997. Science City comprises of two separate buildings, the convention center, and the science center. By the very name, you can understand the fact that Science City this theme park is dedicated to the contributions of India in the field of science. But hey! Do not think of it as a boring park which speaks of the boring scientists and their creations. Because one mind-boggling fact is still not have been mentioned over here and that is, the entire park is themed on the aspects of the Jurassic Age. Now it sounds intriguing, right? Well, it is, because if you get the chance to step into this mighty amusement park dedicated to the contributions of science, you will be elated to find a gigantic statue of the Tyrannosaurus Rex at the very entrance of the park. At this juncture, it is extremely important to mention that nearly all kids had a typically mixed feeling of fear and excitement whenever they visited the park. Even when we used to pass by the road in front of the amusement park, we huddled our head from the transport to get a good glance at the creature. The Science City is divided into many building like The Space Odyssey, Evolution themed park, hall of dynamotion, Science ark, and the Maritime Center. Alongside coming in close contact with the scientific aspects of the Earth, we also enjoyed the small roller coasters, caterpillar rides, toy trains and many such amusement rides, which used to give joy to the kids, who were even younger than us, that is the tiny tots.

The park also has lots of other attractions in the form of butterfly park, mirror house, illusion rooms, three-dimensional vision theatre, space theatre and my all-time favorite, even now, the mighty ride called the Time Machine that took the travellers to a quick motion trip inside the Egypt’s Pyramids, and even made us encounter the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis. The tickets in the park are reasonable and affordable, and the vast expanse of the greeneries allowed the visitors to sit and relax and soak in the warmth of the setting Sun in the evening.

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The history of Nicco Park and its essential aspects

Much before Kolkata was turned into a hub of the laser tag fields, arcades of gaming, and even the go karting tracks, Nicco Park was two of the most significant amusement parks alongside the Science above City. This establishment, unlike the other one, was dedicated to the visitors who wanted to ride the wave of excitement on many of the top-notch rides. Let me tell you, Nicco Park was the Disneyland for us. Period. Nicco Park was established in the year 1991, on the 13th day of October. And as I mentioned earlier, the media back then, termed it as the Disney Land of the West Bengal.

This mighty amusement park is spread around 40 acres of land in the posh area of Salt Lake, with 40 different attractive rides. It is said that, till date, Nicco Park has served around 25 million visitors. I still remember that during my school days the teachers organized various excursions to this place. As mentioned earlier, with almost forty rides the Nicco Park comprises of some popular rides like Water Coaster, Pirate Ship, Toy Train, Magic Carpet, Paddle Boat, Tilt-a-whirl, Moonraker, Magic Carpet, Water Chute, Ice land and my favorite, Cyclone. In fact, Cyclone is till date, the largest and the highest wood made roller coaster of the Eastern India. Cyclone has the total length of 750 meters and has the highest drop feet of 55 meters. So pack your bags and get your family along with you to enjoy the biggest amusement parks in the sweetest part of India.

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The 90’s Kids Amusement Park In Kolkata

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