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With the onset of autumn, the time has come to experience something new. But have you ever given it a second thought on how to plan your unique travel ideas? If you are not sure about your friends or relatives, why do not you trust your bike as your reliable partner? Bike riding is a fascinating activity and can be used as a favorite travel idea too. Moreover, your quest of traveling by the bike should also come with bike riding safety. The motorcycle riding for beginners should usually comprise of less trodden roads so that they can ride safely. Moreover, bike riding tours should also consist of proper safety gears. Here is the list of trails that you can use for bike riding this monsoon.

Popular Bike Riding Trails In India


It is a place which is situated very close to Pune. Moreover, this path is for newbies who have just learned the art of bike riding. Hence, this trail is also known as a place that is best suited for bike riding for beginners. One would find lovely views in and around the Khadakvasla Lake. On the other hand, the steep climb to the place Sinhagad can be a bit difficult. This is the reason that expert bikers recommend using bike riding safety gears that would enhance the security of the rider. You can also try the local culinary delights as well as the local culture. Sinhagad is located at a distance of 180 kilometers away from Mumbai.

Lavasa bike riding photoPhoto by Yogendra174


Every season brings unique colors and flavors. Autumn is not an exception to this notion. If you want to experience the greenery and beauty of Mother Nature in your bike riding hobby, then you should visit this trail. It is one of those paths that is best suited for seasoned bikers as well as newbies. Hence, do not forget to take into account the perspective of bike riding safety gears. It is one of those bike riding trails that always top the interest of bikers. It is also a city, and you can also find various open spots where you can set up your camps. You can even have the luxury to stay overnight in nearby hotels or bask in the delight of local culinary dishes.

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The prospect of traveling to a new place on the bike is recently gaining attention. Moreover, bike riding for beginners should always comprise of safety equipment. Hence, if you are someone who wants to visit a place entirely on a bike, then Mulshi should be the perfect place for you. It is a terrain that best suits the newbies as well as the experienced bikers. It is a place that would depict the beauty of Mother Nature at its best. You can also opt for camping in the open spaces. However, it is best advised to undertake such a trip with groups of friends. You can also visit the local restaurants in Mulshi where you would come to terms with a lot of culinary delights.

ladakh bike riding photoPhoto by Sumeet Mondal


Wai is a place where you would find straight roads. Hence, as a newbie, you would not see much difficulty. Moreover, you would not find yourself lonely as it is a place that is frequented by most of the bikers from Mumbai and Pune. You can opt to start your journey early in the morning. You can also carry home-cooked foods as finding good restaurants in and around Wai is a bit difficult. However, you can also proceed to Panchgani where you would be awarded good quality restaurants. You can grab a quick bite at these famous eateries to revitalize your senses. However, do not forget to wear safety gears as this route is also one of the accident-prone zones.

Bike riding can be fun, and it is always a thrilling experience. However, do follow the speed restrictions to enhance your safety.

Featured Photo by tazz_2004

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