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Featured Photo by Soumyadeep Chatterjee .

Tigers are often regarded as one of the most majestic animals on the land and Indian climate has always proved to be conducive to make its habitat in this country. Although over the years the number has significantly decreased, efforts from Government and creation of reserves and wildlife protection area has been able slightly to improve the status. As of 2018 Tiger Census, there are about 2226 in the country.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha is such an effort to help sustain this endangered species. Two wildlife sanctuaries, the Baisipalli wildlife Sanctuary, and the Satkosia Gorge wildlife sanctuary, which are adjacent to each other have been clubbed and declared as the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in 2007. Spanning over four districts of Odisha, i.e. Angul, Boudh, Cuttack and Nayagarh, it covers an area of 964 square Kilometer approximately.

The word Sat means seven and Kos means two miles. So basically Satkosia literally indicates the area or length of the reserve.

This reserve is a lush forest with deep blue waters of Mahanadi passing through it. A peaceful place to enjoy wildlife and nature, which will attract every nature lover. Apart from the tiger, a lot of other wildlife can be spotted. They include elephant herds, deer such as Chittal, wild boars and even some rare aquatic birds.

Satkosia tiger Reserve photo

Featured Photo by Soumyadeep Chatterjee .

The boat ride across the river Mahanadi is something to look forward to in this reserve. These waters are famous for crocodiles(Mugger) and one can spot a number of crocodiles and gharials sunbathing on the river banks.

The main tourist’s spots are Chhotakei, Puranakote, and Tikarapada. Out of these, Tikarapada offers nature camping and overnight stay. The other two are famous for scenic views of the forest, and Mahanadi Gorge via Boating in permissible areas.
Apart from these Badamul and Sapapahar and Kuanria also draws a lot of crowds.

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Badamul is all about picturesque nature views and Sapapahar is an area of Black granite surrounded by forests. Kuanria, a beautiful place located just on the edge of the tiger reserve has a deer park.

Satkosia Tiger Reserve is just merely 200 km from Bhubaneswar. It is well connected to nearby cities via roadways. Bhubaneswar is also the nearest airport to it.

When to visit:

The best time to visit the Satkosia Tiger Reserve is in the winters. However autumn and springtime are also pleasant.


There are a few Resorts at Nayagarh or you may also stay in Chotkei, Tarava or Baliput nature camps. The cottages available for stay are also beautiful and comes with all basic amenities and serves good tasty comfortable food reflecting local touch.

Featured Photo by Soumyadeep Chatterjee .

Satkosia Tiger Reserve -Must Visit In Odisha

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