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Sarson ka saag or Sarson Da Saag with makki di roti is the pride of Punjab, I am sure many would agree with me on this. This exceptionally delicious vegetarian recipe is totally out of the world. Made with a mix some healthy winter greens, this rustic recipe is eaten along with makki di roti i.e. flat bread made of corn meal. For all those who do not like greens, trust me this dish is all the worth. Let’s discuss this Quintessentially Punjabi dish in details today.

Sarson Kay Kaith: The Field Of Gold

Sarson ka Saag photoPhoto by India Untravelled

Nothing can ever be more delicious and aromatic than a mother’s love, isn’t it? If we consider a close competitor then it would perhaps be the smell of land. Don’t worry I am not asking you to smell the pollution here, to be specific I am precisely talking about the beautiful and pristine lands of the Indian villages. This takes me some time back in time when I visited Punjab. To feel the real Punjab you have to visit the villages, like I did. I can never forget the view of those sarson kay kaith (mustard fields). The beauty of those yellow flowers on those rustic fields made me speechless; in fact describing it here in words would be an even tougher task. I feel the best way to describe this view would be to name it “The Field Of Gold”. Yes it truly was, to agree with me you have to check it out for yourself.

Sarson Da Saag With Makki Di Roti: The Pride Of Punjab

1a5c3ddf-4e79-4bd2-8ef2-2ffaca3839abSarron Da Saag is an immensely popular vegetarian curry from the regions of Punjab in India. This dish is also made and relished in our neighbouring country Pakistan. Made typically from Sarson i.e. the mustard leaves, these beautiful greens are cooked in a very rustic way along with some spices.

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Deliciousness To The Height Of Infinity

There is no doubt why this dish is acclaimed to be the pride of Punjab. It truly deserves all the name and fame. This typically Punjabi dish is very high on the healtOmeter. But as you know Punjabi’s don’t care about health and weight when it comes to food. None of their recipes can ever go complete without a dollop of butter or pure desi ghee. Yes the moment you add that magical dollop of makkhan or butter or ghee, the dish is automatically elevated. Yes it truly is deliciousness to the height of infinity.

While it is almost compulsory to add butter or ghee to all the Punjabi dishes, the same applies to Sarson Da Saag and Makki Di Roti feel free to add dollops of fresh butter (unprocessed white butter) as it becomes totally amazing. Guess what it tastes best with pure desi ghee, so choice is yours.

Nothing Is More Quintessentially Punjab

Nothing can ever be more quintessentially Punjab than the sarson da saag and makkai di roti. This is a totally earthy hearty food which is abundant in flavour, nutrients and colour; exactly like the land and the people it belongs to. This dish originates from the Punjab region of India but it is popular all over the Northern parts of India.

It is during the mustard growing season, when the fields of Punjab and North India are totally covered with the ‘sarson ke phool’ i.e. the yellow mustard flowers. The Green leaves of mustard are used to make this delectable Saag.

Traditionally, the sarson ka saag is cooked sans masala, with a dash of salt and ginger, and then mixed up in some greens (mustard greens, green chilli, spinach and bathua). It is said that the saag should be slow-cooked and allowed to blend in its own water until the same reaches the desired edible creaminess. Then some freshly churned butter is added and served along with the flat bread.

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This deliciously rich rustic delight is one of the most popular dish that makes India proud. The dish is served in many ‘dhabas’ and also found in most of the resturants in Punjab. A bit of advice, don’t look for the real taste of this dish in lavish resturants, as the real taste is in getting as rustic as possible. Sarson Ka Saag with Makke Di Roti is the actually the passion of Punjab which when put on a platter brings out their culinary delights. Today sarson ka saag has become a world famous delicacy, and the credit goes to the mothers and grandmothers who passed on the recipe to many of us. It’s now our turn to keep it alive like they did.

I feel with the changing times and growing rate of experimentation with our indian cuisines, many of our traditional Indian dishes are losing that oomph. Certain delicacies don’t need that twist, they are good the way they actually were. What do you think? Have any different thought to share? Please feel free and drop it as a comment below.  We would love to hear about your very own experiences in Punjab, or the Punjabi food, tell us what you like.

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