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Being from Bengal I too have been quite a fan of those traditional Bengali sarees. Saree and Bengal are fairly synonymous with each other. Did you know Bengal is India’s one of the largest producing and exporting states of sarees. Well for the love of beautiful sarees from Bengal, I bring for you today traditional sarees from Bengal which are totally exquisite. These sarees are every Bengali Women prized possessions. Take a look at 6 Sarees From Bengal That Complete The Closet Of Every Bengali Women.

6 Popular Sarees From Bengal That Every Woman Should Definitely Own

Silk photoPhoto by appaji

1. Tant Saree

“Tanter Saree” these are truly the pride of Bengal. if you peek into any of the Bengali women’s wadrobe, there is no doubt on the fact that you would find atleasst one of this beautiful traditional Tant saree. Tant is immensely popular across the country, it is known mainly for its light and airy weaving. Tant is best suited for the regions where the weather is warm and humid. There are more than five variants of Tant saree available in Bengal. However the styles might differ based on the regions. Tant sarees are truly one of its kind, the complex designs woven on the borders and pallu make the saree immensely beautiful.

2. Baluchori Saree

Nawab of Bengal MurshidQuli Khan brought this interesting style of weaving to the small village of ‘Baluchor’ from Dhaka in the 18th century. These sarees are woven from mulberry silk which is locally cultivated. The Balauchori sarees boast of being 7 yards of pure history. There are many motifs woven on the ‘Pallu” and the “Borders” which contain several historical references and religious texts. Initially the Nawab had introduced motifs which referenced to the ‘Nawabi’ culture and contained the depictions of ‘hookah’ smoking or the lavish splendour of court. Due to the continual flooding of the ‘bhagirathi’ river, the whole industry has now shifted to Bishnupur.

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3. Garad Saree

When it comes to the traditional silk sarees from Bengal , then “Garad” has to be the one and only name. The term ‘garad’ typically refers to the undyed silk which is used in the making of these Garad sarees. These are immensely light weight and easy to carry sarees. I am sure you would have heard of the “Lal-Par Saree” these are a perfect example of the Garad Saree which have this typical white/off-white body and a red border. Well with changing time people are now experimenting with different colours for the border. These sarees hail from the district of Murshidabad. They play a very special place in the hearts of Bengali women. A smash-hit saree in Bengal and a must for every wardrobe.

4. Korial Saree

The Korial sarees are an upgradation of the “Garad Saree”. Many even say that the Korial Saree are a total makeover of the ‘Garad’. What makes the Korial different from the traditional ‘garad’, is the ornamental borders and Pallu. The borders and the pallu’s have beautiful motifs drawn on it which gives them a very grand look. Both Garad and Korial are considered to be symbol of purity and all the Bengali women wear these on all auspicious and religious occasions.

5. Tasar Saree

Bengal’s Tasar comes from the district of Malda. This district is one of the largest silk producers in the entire country. They are immensely popular for their woven floral and paisley motifs across the body of the saree. Tasar sarees have a very crisp texture which gives it an added aristocratic look. The silk used for the making of these sarees are mainly obtained from the large-scale silkworm culture, which is now present throughout the state of West Bengal.  Tasar Sarees are available in many different colours, like solid and bold colours to off-white and beige.

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6. Murshidabadi Silk Saree

Murshidabadi pure silk is one of the most famous variants of silk across the globe, I am sure you would have definitely heard of it. In India this silk is used to make some of the most luxurious and elegant sarees. In face the Murshidabad district of West Bengal is known for its beautiful range of silk sarees across the country and even abroad. It is mostly popular for its solid colour options, along with beautiful patters printed on the ‘pallav’. These sarees have a very shiny look which gives it a very charming appearance and spellbinds the mind of any person.

So all you women out there! Are you ready with your shopping bags? If not grab a big one now and go shopping. Trust me nothing can make you look more elegant than a “Saree”. So buy these ethnic sarees from Bengal right now and make your very closet complete.

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6 Sarees From Bengal That Complete The Closet Of Every Bengali Women

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