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Expression of Love, is an emotion to be expressed aloud (at least sometimes),it  is always delightful to be loved. In Bengal this emotion is celebrated twice.Valentines day and the the Saraswati Puja is also considered as the Bengali Valentines day.

Love is in the air, giving it more reasons to celebrate it on the  special days !!! Red roses, chocolates, romantic  songs  card with mushy  messages ,soft toys and loads of gifts, hand in hand, some quality time together. Well it’s time to celebrate your love. It’s the Valentine’s Day!! great day for lovers to celebrate their love.All the lovers and admires  across the world waiting for this day  to express their  love to the loved ones. Well its needless to say  how the world rejoice and celebrates  the day of love.

The much awaited Day of love comes every year  in the month  February and we get yet another reason to showcase the emotions of love ,care and bond .  Although  love needs no time or day to be expressed or rejoice. But yes we have a official day to cheer it loud to our love.

Like the extra cheese on your favourite  Pizza!!!! being in Bengal we have the extra cheese!!!!

Valentine’s day twice in a year .Yes you read it correct twice to express love ,to feel the love, be pampered  more emotions , compliments  and the list is never ending.

14th February — Valentine’s day

saraswati pooja photoPhotos by Nithi clicks,

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a Roman Catholic priest

  • In the earlier years Romans were being converted to Christianity, however Emperor Claudius II was rigid and made a strict rule for Christians. Claudius believed that Roman soldiers should  dedicate them self to the Rome and therefore abide a rule that the Roman cannot marry.
  • But secretly St Valentine started to marry these soldiers in Christian ceremonies and this began the spreading the importance of believing in love.
  • Soon Valentine secret was disclosed to Claudius and was imprisoned for the conspiracy.Even in his imprisonment,Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the jail-in charge.
  • It is said that Valentine cured the blindness of the girl and on the day of his execution he wrote letter to his love stating a love message and signed it off as ‘from your Valentine’. On the 14th February in year 270,Valentine was hanged till death.
  • Thereafter this day is celebrated as the day of love. The death anniversary of St Valentine  is celebrated  as the lovers day. As he proved himself as the greatest lover and scarified his life for love, so all the lovers in the world celebrates this day a the day of love in his honor.
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In the change of time the way of celebration has also changed, on Valentine’s Day flowers, cards, gifts are exchanged to express the love.This day is a celebrated as a festival of romantic love. Arrangement of romantic date ,dinner and outings are planned. Red roses ,hearth soft toys and chocolates are common items used to express the love on this special day of love.

 Saraswati Puja

  • Maa Saraswati is a symbol of knowledge in all form, like art craft  education dance and all other forms.
  • The puja of Maa Saraswati is done in the Magh month which is in between January and February of the English calendar. Saraswati Puja, one of the most famous festival in the Easter part of India.
  • As the puja signifies knowledge, thus the youth participation is most in this puja. Student seeks for blessing from Goddess Saraswati for gaining more knowledge.
  • The puja is widely performed in Schools, Colleges, Institutes and localities in  Pandals.
  • Encouraging more participation of the young boys and girls, dress in their Indian ethnic  kurta pyjama and saree respectively.

Saraswati Puja -The Bengali Valentines day

  • All Students wearing ethnic looking bigger than their age. Girls wearing  Yellow sarees borrowed from mom or elder is sister, to look equally ravishing young Pretty Ladies. The boys not so mama’s boy type but for change  in the traditional Kurta Pyjama a Young Dashing Man look.
  • Blushing to the compliments by friends. Even we have crossed this stage and i am sure all who have spent their childhood in Bengal can relate to this and feel nostalgic. Remembering the crush of those days.
  • Surely by this time, reading till here you already have realized the charm of the Bengali Valentine’s day and its significance for all the Love birds at their early ages!
  • Youngster dressed well visits different pandals and seek blessing of the Goddess, this day is also referred as a day for friendship and enjoyment.This day gives a great opportunity to speak their heart to each other. The flavor of the festive in the air often makes all very romantic, the first ride together and the first strolling together bring the two hearts nearer and closer. Boys and girls are in no mood of study, only enjoying the day with old and new friends.
  • Thus in the recent days the Bengali youngster have considered this day as another official day to fancy love affection and admiration. Today with due equal respect to the  religious faith Saraswati Puja has the eternal sprit of worshiping, it also has a charm of being a Valentine’s Day for all the Bengalis in Bengal.
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On the happy note, Valentine’s day is much awaited by most of us specially the couples, however some critics are also there who pointed out the negative impact of this beautiful day. They believe it to be an influence of western culture on India and we have got a lot of protests against it. However, this is a debatable topic as everyone has their own point of view and should have indeed! There are many objections for the Saraswati Puja to be associated with ‘Bengali Valentine’s Day’ too, however in reality in Bengal when you step out on the streets on the day of Saraswati Puja, you can indeed endure the blissful flavor of the festive romance in the air and its undeniable! Youngsters walking together, dressed in a festive mood and of course offering Puja for both educational prosperity and a bright future.

Featured Photo by Anne Worner

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