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An Indian Wedding is an experience or if you will an adventure, not a function or a party, but an experience/adventure. Indian Weddings are posh affairs, no practically writing POSH AFFAIRS! If Indian Weddings are taken in account, India will be quite rich you see. Jokes aside, Indian weddings are beautiful. An Indian Wedding is a remix of colors, rituals, customs, cuisines, happiness and love. Everything about an Indian Wedding will brighten you up. If you attend an Indian Wedding, let me warn you, its not a couple-of-hours thing, its a couple-of-days thing. All the functions take place in order and every custom is followed, not one thing is missed at an Indian Wedding.
The one ritual that will catch your eye, that is followed in every Indian Wedding is the ”
SAPTAPADI” or the “SAATH PHERE”. This ritual follows the bride and bridegroom taking vows circling the sacred fire in seven circles. This ritual symbolizes nourishment, honesty, happiness, great life, cooperation and understanding. In this ritual, the holy fire represents the Sun god,Agnidev and with his blessings the couple start a new journey, a journey that they hope to cherish their entire lives. The vows are different for both the groom and the bride.SAPTAPADI photo







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Promises or Vows by the Groom

In the first phera the groom promises to cherish and always think of his wife’s’ welfare before every step he takes. His prime responsibility in his life will be her happiness and that of his children . Also, they both will together take care of their home and life.
He will love her unconditionally and will make sure nothing harms her. He will provide her with courage and strength in her every action.
He promises to grow prosperous and succeed in life, taking his soul-mate and treating her as an equal.
In the fourth vow, the married couple pledges to be wise and live in harmony by mutual love, understanding, strength and faith.
The fifth phera is taken to have expand their family and have children, for whom, they will be responsible always. They also promise to maintain their health and provide them with virtues of bravery and honesty.
While taking the sixth step around the holy fire, the bride and the groom pray for a calm mind and body and pray for the longevity of their marriage.
When the bride and the groom take the seventh and the last, most important vow, they promise that they would be loyal to each other life-long and to be the best of friends. As the couple complete each of the seven pheras, the friendship and love become unbreakable and the togetherness is tied in a knot. At the end, they wish for a pure and happy marriage.

9Promises or Vows taken by the bride

In the first phera, The bride agrees to be an equal and share all the responsibilities her husband visions to fulfill.
The bride takes the vow of being a good soul mate and fill her husband’s heart with strength and courage and be with him in good and in bad, for better or for worse.
The bride promises to love only her husband and making him the prime element of her life, take care of him and pray for his welfare.
In the forth vow, she vows to be his partner in everything and participate in all the activities of sacrifice and handwork for a better living.
In the fifth vow, she promises to take care of their children and comfort them in every way possible and protect them from every harm.

She promises to hold his hand and be his one true love.
In the last the bride prays to God for his blessings and promises her husband that she will be with him in his every stage of life and even after life. She promises to never let him down. She promises to love him forever.
This is one of the most important rituals so whenever next you go out to find a soul mate, think about the vows!



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