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The mountain peaks are like Saints sitting still in their meditation for several light years. The snow covered tops, and greenish plantation on its sides are like lots of resistance and experiences. So, visiting mountains are always a treat for the tourists every time, as they also gather echoes of calmness across the valleys and narrow roads with great textures of hill bodies, both dry and green.

Sandakphu photoPhoto by anirbanbiswas_c8

Sandakphu – Echoes Of Calmness And Beauty

It lies in the middle of the border. This peak is precisely situated near Singalila National Park in Darjeeling, West Bengal. All the four chief peaks in the world can be viewed from its summit. These peaks are:

  • Everest
  • Kangchenjunga
  • Lhotse
  • Makalu

The length and breadth of Sandakphu are 3636meters and 11,941 ft. Being the highest region of West Bengal, it is popularly known as ‘Trekkers Wonderland.’ One can enjoy the contrast of both elements flora and fauna in this area along with evergreen forests on the sides of the high altitudes. Even nature loving photographers also love to visit this place for exotic sceneries of the earliest creations, in their viewfinders. The seasonal wild flower and birds add up a separate option of beauty in the locality. The trek from Singalila Ridge to Sandakfu and Phalut is the most famous trekking route in the Himalayas of the Eastern part. It has great places for campsites along with a lovely weather with great roads to Upper Chitrey, from where the Kangchenjunga mountain Ranges can be viewed most clearly. All the tiredness of the hiking will melt down easily after getting an eye full of the white mountain peaks in the front.

On the Road, Tonglu and Tumling regions are famous for their magnificent sunrise and sunset views. Trekkers and travelers wait there or pass at that time to witness the heavenly body rising or melting in West among the high peaks of Mount Everest and the sky transforms into a reddish yellow tone all over. Surely a stunning view. Wood houses are easily available throughout the trek. The locals are very friendly, and their hospitality is extraordinary with mouthwatering delicacies.

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If colors are your passion then watching many red, pink and white Rhododendrons bloomed on the sides of the road is indeed your thing! While in the monsoon season Sandakphu has a dreamy outlook. Mist and occasional rain make a gloomy weather, full of good suspense in every part. In December or equivalent winter season, the trekkers see frozen waterfalls and snow covered roads.

So, whenever a person visits Sandakphu, they surely wait to visit the place soon again. As we all feel a bit low while returning from the mountains every time, this place especially will make you plan a return trip sooner for sure. As it was said that mountains are like saints sitting in meditation for several light years and god of calmness, these saints will hypnotize you to visit them whenever possible! That is the power of nature. That is the beauty of mountains and snow, that is what Sandakphu is, in one single word, incredible!

Featured Photo by kg.abhi

Sandakphu – The Highest Mountain Peak In Nepal And West Bengal

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