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Rourkela – Top 5 Places You Cannot Afford To Miss Out On

Whenever we talk about the state of Odisha, Temples definitely come to our minds. Odisha is famous for many temples like Shree Jagannath Temple, Lingraj temple, Maa Tara Tarini temple and Konark sun temple. But there are many other things which Odisha is not given credit of. In this article, we will be talking about the second largest city of Odisha that is Rourkela. This particular place came into limelight after the 1950s when steel plants were built here. It has a rich deposit of iron ore which has made it an industrial hub. Rourkela has the biggest steel plants in India. The literacy rate of the city is really incredible. Rourkela is not only known for steel but also for education. It has institutes like National Institute of Technology (NIT) in the city making it an educational hub for aspiring students. In this article, I would tell you about 5 best Places in Rourkela which you should certainly visit on your next visit here.

Rourkela – Top 7 Places You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

indira gandhi park photo
Photo of “Little Jumbo” by Thangaraj Kumaravel under CC BY 2.0

1. Khandadhar Falls

If you are visiting the city of Rourkela then you just cannot afford to miss out on this particular fall. It is situated in Deogarh and in order to reach this fall, you would need to trek for about half a kilometre. I would personally suggest that even if you are not into trekking; go for this particular trek. The view you would get after climbing would be so serene, so inexplicable that it would really astonish you. Make sure that you carry additional clothes; take a bath under these falls it would really calm your senses down for a while. It has a height of about 250 meters and happens to be the 12th highest waterfall in India.

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2. Mandira Dam

The second place I would like to talk about is Mandira Dam. It is located near Kansbahal and in order to reach this particular place, you would need to rent a vehicle. One bad thing about this place is that public transportation is not available for this place; so, it becomes a little challenging to reach here. You are allowed to bath in the dam water so try to carry additional clothes if you are planning to take a bath here. If you are not in a mood to bathe; you can always go for a picnic. It is quite a popular spot among the residents of Rourkela.

3. Darjeeng Park

This is a very famous spot for camping and picnic. It is situated on the bank of river Brahmani; near national highway 23. The spelling of the place is very similar to Darjeeling; so many people get confused because of the same. If you visit this place, you would see people cooking; so, if you are a person who enjoys cooking in an open area then Darjeeng park is the place where you want to be. Make sure that you carry cooking utensils and all necessary ingredients for this purpose otherwise you would have a difficult time managing things there.

4. Vedavyas Temple

If we are talking about Odisha then how can we not talk about temples? This is one of the most beautiful temples you would ever come across in your life so make sure that no matter what if you are going Rourkela you visit Vedavyas temple. It is located near River Brahmani and it has a lot of historical and mythological value among the Hindus. Ved Vyaas is the person who has written Mahabharat; the temple has been named after him. The view from this temple is really mesmerizing and it is really well maintained. It is roughly 20 kilometres from the city; so, make your travel arrangements accordingly.

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5. Indira Gandhi Park

Indira Gandhi park was really maintained at a point of time. However, in recent years people have complained that the park has really deteriorated like anything. There is a lake near this park which has litter filled inside it, the animals are kept in an ill-maintained cage and you would really feel pity looking at them. However, despite the bad maintenance, there are many things which you could enjoy. The park has an aquarium, doll museum, toy train and boating. It has a musical fountain, but the show is in the evening. Check the timings before you go to this place or else you might reach early or late.

There are various other places in Rourkela like Hanuman Vatika, Vaishno Devi temple, Pitamahal Dam and Nehru traffic park. I have tried to cover as many places as I could; I would mention all the temples in a different article. Like I said before, Odisha is not just all about temples, so make sure you explore the place when you visit here. So, these are the 5 Places you should visit on your next trip to Rourkela.

Featured Photo of “Paved Path, Indira Gandhi Park” by Pulkit Sinha under CC BY-SA 2.0

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