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Food is fuel, isn’t it? Well this is one basic need for all human beings. To live a healthy life, we need at least 3 proper meals in one single day. Without 3 decent meals our body would not function properly. But do you know there are over millions of people across the planet that go off to sleep empty stomach? Yes sadly this is true, and the main reason is the difficulty to earn proper living. Like other countries, India is also home to a large population of hungry and underfed people. This is a heart breaking truth, but you would be shocked to know that over 195 million people sleep empty stomach every single day. Roti Ghar – is a ray of hope to such people who struggle hard to earn a living. Let’s discuss in details what Roti Ghar offers.

Roti Ghar – An Surprising Canteen in Karnataka

Thinking what Roti Ghar is? In simple words it’s a canteen. But what can be so special about a canteen? This canteen offers meals @ Rupees 1. Shocked? I am sure you are. This canteen is located in the state of Karnataka, in Hubballi. Think of what all you can buy with one rupees, I am sure this would be a difficult list to make as there would be hardly any options available. Practically speaking we can’t even buy a orange candy with rupees one. And Roti Ghar actually offers a plate full of delicious food in Rupees 1.

Roti Ghar was established by the Mahaveer Youth Federation. This canteen is placed right in the heart of the city, Kanchgar Galli in Hubballi. The main aim of establishing this canteen was to exterminate hunger from the society.

The canteen was established some seven years ago and since then it has been open for one and all. Be it the office people, auto drivers, shop owners, vegetable vendors or the slum dwellers, the canteen sees a wide range of customer’s every day. In true sense, this canteen is a strong example portraying equality in all ways. In fact Roti Ghar has a huge fan following, and it has been successful in making a special place in the hearts of end number of people. No wonder it has so many regular customers dropping in daily.

What’s On The 1 Rupee Plate?

Generally our mentality thinks that cheap food is of cheap quality, but not in this case. The meal at Roti Ghar doesn’t compromise on quality. Their food is of very good quality and not a below average one.

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Typically the one rupees plate consists of good quantity of rice and roti, served along with generous helping of sambhar and vegetable curry. During special occasions they also serve some sweet dish.

Don’t expect the food here to be like the ones in resturants, but be sure of one thing that it wul definitely remind you of your home. Yes the delicious food here is like any Ghar Ka Khana, that is truly tasty and healthy.

Operated by a very small team of 3 members, all these 3 take care of everything, cleaning, cooking and serving. The Roti Ghar canteen stays open every day from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM. They stay close on Wednesdays.

The Drop Box

As I said end number of customers visits the Roti Ghar every single day, when they are done with their meals they are required to make the payment. But how do they pay for their delicious meal, they need to simply drop a rupees one coin in the drop box. Yes unlike the other canteens, the payment here is not to be made to the cashier, but a simple drop box. Isn’t this unique? The canteen feeds around 200 people every day.

So what do you think? Here is our salute to the Mahaveer Youth Federation. Their noble cause is surely a ray of hope for so many isn’t it? Share your thoughts with us as comments below.

Featured Photo by Umair Mohsin

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Roti Ghar: A Canteen That Offers Meals At Rupees 1

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