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Road trips are something which not all of us prefer. It is meant for people who like to travel and are a little more adventurous than others. There are thousands of reasons why a Road Trip is way more fun than an airplane or train. I will have to agree to the fact that Road Trips aren’t as comfortable as other modes of transport but they are way more interesting. It is said that people actually find a newer side of them when they choose the road over railways or air. Imagine, you on your bike or car along with some special friends traveling to a place which is around 400-500kms away from your origination. Can you imagine the kind of fun you will have on the road? All this adds up to the fact that there’s something special about Road Trips. In India, there are numerous number of Road trips which you can opt for. In this article, we will talk about the best road trips in India.

10 Best Road Trips in India

Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by Joseph Jayanth

1. Shimla to Manali

The first one to make it to list of best road trips in India is of Shimla to Manali via Mandi. If you like long drives then this road trip should definitely be undertaken by you. When you go on this particular road trip you would notice River Beas flowing alongside and people playing in the icy cold water of the river. I know that playing with cold water in a place like Manali may sound very crazy, but trust me you should definitely try it; you would cherish these memories forever. The distance of this road trip is just 250km but it would certainly take a little longer due to the hilly region.

Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by bjoern

2. Manali to Leh

Manali to Leh without a doubt is one of the best road trips in India. It is very hard to describe the serenity of this wonderful road trip in words. A movie came around a decade ago, named as “Jab We Met” starring Kareena Kapoor Khan & Shahid Kapoor in lead roles. In that movie, there is a song titled “Yeh Ishq Haaye”; this road trip has been captured and portrayed in a very beautiful way in that song; so if you feel like exploring about this road trip make sure you watch the song. It is a pretty long road trip and covers a distance of about 479 kilometers. It is not open throughout the year; so plan your trip in summer or mid October. It would take 2 days for you to cover the whole journey; don’t worry you will find many restaurants and hotel accommodations during your trip. All this adds up to the fact that this is one of the best road trips in India.

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Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by Swaroop C H

3. Pamban Bridge

All those of you who aren’t very religious might not be tempted by Pamban Bridge but trust me this is one place which should definitely be mentioned when we are talking about the best road trips in India. Actually, the bridge is of just 13.5 kilometers and could be covered in around 15-20 minutes. The main challenge is reaching this bridge; in order to reach here you would have to drive through non-concrete roads which could prove to be a major obstacle for new drivers. However, if you take my suggestion I will definitely call upon you to take on this trip because there are very few places in India where you could actually say that there is water everywhere you look; trust me when you would look at the water around Pamban Bridge it would make you think how could water be so blue in color.

Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by Frontierofficial

4. Mumbai to Goa

When we are talking about the best road trips in India how can we not talk Mumbai to Goa? It is one of the most famous and undertaken road trips in India. The best part about this road trip is National Highway 17; trust me the road is so smooth that the person driving would fall in love with the highway. I would advise you to leave Mumbai early morning so that you could party all night in Goa; the distance between Mumbai to Goa is 609 kilometers which can be covered in about 10 hours; so plan your road trip accordingly.

Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by amritamanasphotography

5. Kolkata to Digha

Kolkata to Digha is one particular road trip which almost every Kolkatian would have taken undertaken at least once in a lifetime. Many people prefer going to Digha via Rail since they find it more feasible and less tiring. But the real fun of visiting Digha is when you reach here by road. The roads are pretty decent and you would find farmers cultivating crops on their fields throughout the trip. Digha is a favorite spot for a weekend getaway for the people of Kolkata, since it is just 180 kilometers away and can be covered in around 3 hours. Leave Kolkata on a Saturday morning; reach there before noon and you could enjoy your day at the beach and in the evening you could go out and enjoy the vast variety of fishes available there.

Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by watchsmart

6. Delhi to Shimla

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I am seriously out of words when I talk about this road trip; Shimla is one place which every person should visit at least once in their lifetime. If possible take this road trip with a bike, I know it might get a little tedious but it is worth the pain. The distance from Delhi to Shimla is 345 kilometers and would take you around 6 hours 20 minutes to cover the whole trip. I would recommend you to eat parathas at Sukhdev ka Dhaba, it would be one of the most delicious things you ever had in your life.

Road Trips in IndiaFeatured Photo by soham_pablo

7. Mumbai to Pune

The 7th entry to make it to the list of best road trips in India is Mumbai to Pune. Just like Kolkata-Digha; Pune-Mumbai is a favorite weekend getaway. The road along with the picture perfect surroundings is so warm to the eyes that it would make you take this trip over and over again. The distance between Mumbai and Pune is 93 kilometers and you can try Sunny Da Dhaba or Kinara Village Dhaba during your trip. You could use your two wheeler to reach here; and if you don’t have a vehicle of your own then need not worry because you could easily get a cab or a bus.

Road Trips in IndiaPhoto by shankar s.

8. Chennai to Pondicherry

Chennai to Pondicherry is another road trip which you should certainly undertake once in your lifetime. Imagine you travelling on a road accompanied with beautiful surroundings and sea on one side of the road. If you are a selfie freak then trust me this is certainly the trip you want to undertake because the photos really come out great in this road. The distance between Chennai and Pondicherry is 160 kilometers which could be covered in 3 hours.

Like I had said at the start, Road Trips are really exquisite. It provides us with a kind of adventure whose experience lasts for a lifetime. It would be even more fun if you go along with a huge bunch of friends; different personalities travelling together are bound to deliver a fantastic and interesting road trip. Moreover when you go on a road trip you get a little raw feeling which you can never get if you plan on traveling by air or rail. I would seriously advise you to go for at least one road trip in your entire life; trust me the experience you would be getting has the capability of changing your life. These 8 mentioned above are considered to be the best road trips in India; so what are you waiting for? Take out your bike or car and go for a long drive right away.

10 Best Road Trips In India

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