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River Rafting Spots are ideal places with the help of which you can soak in the spirit of adventurism. It is also a widely accepted fact that river rapids are the nature’s way to make up for the lack of activity during the rainy season. On the other hand, the river rafting activities are best suited for those who like to soak in the spirit of adventurism. Moreover, if you are a resident of Bangalore, then you must always try to visit the river rafting spots. Hence, you should always try to catch up on these rapids to get a taste of water adventure.

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River rafting spots around Bangalore

There are many river rafting spots in and around Bangalore. However, one must take great care in visiting them. It is so because, in the rainy seasons, the rivers are at their mighty best. This is why one needs to be cautious in their endeavors to pursue the river rafting adventure spots. For instance, Bheemeshwari rafting is one such activity that would present to you a great taste of water adventure. On the other hand, Coorg rafting is another river rafting spot that serves the interest of adventure junkies in a more excellent manner. In this context, it is interesting to note that the river rafting spots also serve as an ideal place to catch fish. Hence, it can be said that these spots can also double up as a perfect place where one can pursue their favorite hobby of catching fish.

The aspect of visiting Coorg Rafting in Bangalore

It is fascinating to note that the district of Coorg would offer you with the twin shores of Barapole and Dubare. Barapole rafting is an ideal place where you can realize your dreams of river rafting. The river rafting spots in Coorg also includes the shores of Dubare. If you are staying in north Coorg, then it is advisable to visit the beaches of Dubare. The Coorg rafting base boasts of modern amenities, and even if you are new to this adventure hobby, you do not need to worry. It is also a great place to witness the glory of the famous Elephant Camp. Moreover, during the off-season, the waters near Coorg rafting base provides the adventure seekers with still water rafting which is also great fun. You can also visit the Barapole rafting base for a worthwhile adventure experience.

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The aspect of visiting Bheemeshwari Rafting base in Bangalore

It is an ideal place that would offer the Bangaloreans with an action-packed day trip. If you are a busy professional and also an ardent fan of adventure sports, then visiting the Bheemeshwari rafting base should be your ideal choice. You can also attend the Cauvery Fishing Camp, and that should be a perfect place where you can soothe your nerves. It is also a place that promises you the sightings of 200 different species of birds. Hence, the Bheemeshwari rafting base is an ideal choice if you have a tight schedule or you are to the workaholic. The stretch of rafting is longer in case of the Bheemeshwari rafting base. However, it is also an ideal place to witness the beauty of Mother Nature. In other words, the Bheemeshwari rafting base serves the dual purpose of adventurism and the serene beauty of Nature.

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The rapids that are found in this place are quite straightforward, and the difficulty level is just set at 3. Hence, even if you are an inexperienced rafting operator, you can always look forward to the beauty of this place. You can also book your lodging facilities amidst the beauty of Mother Nature. For instance, there are a lot of hotels that would provide you with the best in class accommodation facilities. It is a place that is best suited for pitched tents and cozy cottages. Hence, it is a favorite place for the adventure junkies.

If you are someone who likes to see your adrenaline level shoot up, then always make a point to visit these river rafting spots.

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River Rafting Spots Around Bangalore- Perfect For Adventure Junkies

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