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India is like one crazy place with crazy people doing crazy things, isn’t it? There are end number of travel enthusiast and foodies who try to experience India at its extreme. And the information I am about to share is one extreme and crazy thing. Think of sipping a hot hot cup of tea at a height of around 18,380 feet’s above the sea level. Don’t worry I am not really asking you to sit on a mountain top and do that. How about sitting in a cafeteria at that height? You must me thinking I am one crazy head, but hold on. This is one last question; do you know where is the highest cafeteria in the world located? The answer is India, this is one fact many people won’t know. But India’s Rinchen Cafeteria is the highest cafeteria in the world.

Rinchen Cafeteria One Gem In India’s Bag

Ladakh is known for its picturesque landscapes, and amidst that, it hides one gem The Rinchen Cafeteria. This cafeteria gets its name from Col. Chewang Rinchen. The world’s highest motorable road as we know is Khardung la and this is the location of this café sitting on a remarkable height making all of India proud.

Don’t take this café as just another café, as it is one popular tourist spot now. The café doesn’t really have great architecture, but the walls here depict Ladakhi life and landscape. The interiors of Rinchen Café reflects the discipline of army life. Also on the entrance of the café, you would see some history, guess what the history is about – MAGGI. Isn’t this unusual? To add further there is another wall that displays the benefits of drinking black tea. And of course, not to forget one thing you get here for free and that is the breath-taking views of Ladakh.

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Popular Things To Eat At Rinchen Cafe


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Photo by ayushmedh

Well when it comes to the menu, don’t expect an exhaustive one as the world’s highest cafe has a very limited menu. Since the café displays the history of Maggi here, you would definitely find that on their menu. The café is popular for its hot Maggi, tea (ginger, lemon, and cinnamon), steaming hot momos and biscuits. Well regarding the tea, don’t expect milk tea here as they only serve black tea. Despite of being so popular, the food here is dead cheap so don’t worry about your pocket. Just Hog In.

The food here is served by army officers. The food is totally delicious, the harsh weather conditions do not restrict the people here from giving the best hospitality possible. Well, hats off to the hands who such delicious food that too in such intense conditions.

Well, I feel nothing can beat the experience of having Hot Hot Maggi in Cold Cold Environment. Rinchen Café is a very good place to stop, enjoy the views of Ladakh and of course get something fresh and hot to eat.

Have you been to the Rinchen Café? Share your experiences with us right away as comments below.

Featured Photo by Sistak

Rinchen Cafeteria The World’s Highest Cafeteria In Khardung, Ladakh

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