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Rewa is one of the most sought after places in India located in the beautiful state of Madhya Pradesh. This antiquated little town is located at about 100 kilometres from one of the most commended temples in India, the Khajuraho. There are many unique things which contribute to the name and fame of this city, but there is one such distinction which gave Rewa massive popularity are none other than the White Tigers.

white tiger photo

Photo by ahisgett

Rewa: The Land Of White Tigers

Let me share a bit of history associated with this little old-fashioned town. Did you know? Rewa is actually the first area in the entire world to house a White Tiger. Yes, Rewa was home to the world’s first every White Tiger, and the name of this legendary tiger was Mohan.

Mohan: The World’s First Ever White Tiger

Mohan was the world’s first every white tiger, who was spotted by Maharajah Shri Martand Singh in the year May 1951. While Martand Singh was on out hunting in the dense jungles of Bandhavgarh, a news came on the 25th of May that a tigress had been far-sighted with four cubs. Out of the four cubs Mohan was one of them. Sadly, the mother tigress was shot dead along with 2 of the cubs. But Mohan was lucky enough to escape, but sadly separated from its mother. This incident took place around 65 years ago, during that era shooting and killing a tigress with cubs was very common. Sadly, Mohan is no more, the King of Tiger Island died at the age of 17.

Are The White Tigers Disappearing?

Mohan was father of many tiger cubs, however most of his children were distributed all across the world to different zoos. Sadly, due to genetic strain the numbers have been decreasing drastically, and currently not many are left in India. Today whatever number of White tigers are present, is a sole result of inbreeding. These tigers which have been produced through inbreeding have many genetic defects. According to Zoologists, inbreeding of white tigers have been stopped and the result is quite evident the numbers of white tigers are falling.

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White Tiger Safari Rewa: Mand, Mukundpur Forest, Govindgarh

Talking about the White Tiger Sanctuary Business, then the first of its kind in the entire world- ‘White Tiger Safari’ has opened its doors for the public in Madhya Pradesh this year. Located at about 20 kilometres from Rewa, this sanctuary spreads over an area of 25 hectares and around 50 crores has been invested. Currently this sanctuary is home to 3 White Tigers & 2 Royal Bengal tigers. Out of the three one named Raghu is a male and Vindhya and Radha are the two female White Tigress. According to reports in the coming few months this safari will house around 9 White Tigers. This safari is also going to generate a lot of employment opportunities for the locals of Rewa.

If you are looking at reaching Rewa, then the best way is to take a train from the capital (Delhi). Being an offbeat destination, this little old-fashioned town doesn’t have an airport. Summer is the best season to visit Rewa if you are looking for tiger sighting as during the monsoons it may become very difficult to spot them.

This little town is located in the middle of a tourism loaded ground. Khajuraho, one of the most acclaimed temple of India is located at just a few hundred miles from Rewa. Then is the most popular national park in India, the Bandhavgarh National Park. Other popular tourist attractions are the Dhuandhar waterfalls located in Jabalpur and the popular palaces in Orchha.

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