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The city of joy, Kolkata is famous for the quality of food it offers. The best part about the food available in Kolkata is that it offers numerous variants of food available in different cuisines. Talk about Continental, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian and of course; the Bengali cuisine; Kolkata tops on all of them. Probably this is one of the many reasons why travelers appreciate the city of joy. There are a lot of options available in Kolkata when it comes to choosing a particular restaurant; In this article we will talk about the best restaurants in Kolkata. I won’t talk about food chains like TGIF, Barbeque Nations because they are available throughout India, I will tell you about those restaurants which are exclusive to Kolkata.

7 Restaurants in Kolkata that offer lip-smacking food:

biriyani photoPhoto by acme


Since Mughlai food is the most popular among other Indian foods, Let’s talk about the best Mughlai restaurant in Kolkata. Arsalan happens to be one of the most popular restaurants in Kolkata due to its food quality and its economical price. I would recommend you to try any of their kebabs along with a chicken tandoori but this is not what Arsalan is famous for, Arsalan is famous for its Chicken/Mutton Biriyani. Every bite of their biriyani would taste like a trip to heaven. After you are done with your biriyani make sure you try their Firni. It is probably the best dessert you can have after a heavenly biriyani. The restaurant has 3 branches, which happens to be at Park Street, Park Circus and near Ruby Park. I would recommend you to go for their Park Circus branch.

A meal should cost you Rs.600 – Rs.800(for 2- 3 people)

chinese food photoPhoto by donteatmeatnow! for reals!


Love Chinese? You just cannot miss this place. This is one of the oldest restaurants in Kolkata and they probably make the best Chinese in Kolkata. The reasons I mentioned “probably” is because there has been always a debate so as to which Chinese restaurant is the best, Barbeque or Golden Joy (It is located in China Town, Topsia). There are two variants of Chinese; “Original Chinese” & “Indo-Chinese”. For the original variant you can visit big chains like Mainland China but if you like your Chinese with a bit of Indian touch, then Barbeque is your ally. Try their Mixed Chicken Chow Mein or Mixed Fried rice along with Devil’s chicken or Schezwan Chicken (if you like your chicken extremely spicy); It will surely make your day. The best part about this restaurant is that the quantity they serve you is more than enough to feed 3 people. It is located at Park Street.

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A meal should cost you Rs.800(for 2-3 people)

 photoPhoto by البصراوي

3.Peter Cat

Another favorite restaurant among the local Kolkata residents is Peter Cat. It is located at Park Street and is one of the most prime restaurants in Kolkata. I have to agree to the fact that it is a little expensive when compared to other restaurants in Kolkata, but the food and service they offer is definitely worth the price. They are famous for their “Sizzlers” and their Persian classic, “Chelo Kebabs”. Make sure you reach there before 7pm so that you can book a seat for yourself. If you plan on reaching there after 7.30/8 on a weekend, then you will have to wait for a minimum of 1-2hours.

A meal should cost you approximately Rs.1200(for 2 people)

beef steak photoPhoto by Toukou Sousui 淙穂鶫箜

4.Oly Pub

You may be surprised so as to why I am mentioning a pub when I am talking about restaurants. Well, Oly Pub is among the few pubs in Kolkata which offers delicious finger food. It is the oldest pub in Kolkata and is extremely famous for their reasonably priced alcohol and food. There are 2 things which you just can’t miss when it comes to this legendary pub, “Chicken Alakeiv’ and “Beef Steak”. Let me brief you on these two, ever imagined a chicken chop when cut into half releasing butter? Chicken Alakeiv offers this imagination to you. The beef steak is just way too legendary to talk about. If you aren’t a beef eater, then you can go for their mutton steak; it is just as delicious as their beef steak. It is located at Park street.

If you go for the purpose of having finger food here, it should cost you Rs.600-700(for 2 people)
If you plan to have finger food and alcohol, then it should cost you Rs.1100-Rs.1300.

mocambo kolkata photoPhoto by sayamindu


This is another prime restaurant in Kolkata. If you like Continental food, then Mocambo is the place where you want to be. There are numerous delicious dishes available here to talk about, but for our discussion; I would like you to have their “Chicken Paparika”. If you have seen Vidya Balan’s movie “Kahaani” you would have noticed Mocambo. The restaurant recently expanded due to the heavy foodies which it receives daily.
A meal should cost you approximately Rs.1200(for two people)

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indian food photoPhoto by Francisco Antunes

6.”Specality Restaurants”

Specialty Restaurants is actually a chain of restaurants, which includes Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta and other different brands. But a few of their restaurants are restricted only to Kolkata, like Haka, Flame & Grill, Machaan. Let’s talk about these three restaurants. Haka offers you Chinese, you should try their chicken dumplings(momo’s), chicken chow mein and chicken manchurian. Flame & Grill is like Barbeque Nations; the menu is pretty much the same and it won’t be wrong to say that the mani square branch in Kolkata beats BBQ nations in every angle. Ever had a fantasy of having food in a jungle? Then Machaan is the one which you are looking for. The restaurant has a jungle like theme and what is more amazing that the plates, the steward’s dress and the menu are designed in a jungle like theme. You might also see monkey’s, zebra’s portraits around the restaurant.

The price varies among the different restaurants under this brand, but having an meal among any of their restaurants should cost you approximately Rs.1200(for two people)

parkstreet photoPhoto by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)

7.Other Popular Ones

I can go on and on about the restaurants in Kolkata but it is not possible for me to talk about all of them so I am mentioning a few restaurants in this section which are worth a go. Sharma Ballygunge, Golden Joy, Sher-E-Punjab, Azad Hind, Balwant Singh Eating House, Flury’s and Dada Boudi Resturant.

So, these are the 7 most popular food joints in Kolkata. What are you waiting for? Ready, Steady, Go!

Featured Photo by Clickster Arpan Bhowmick

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