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Relish The Street Food Delicacies At Mohammad Ali Road In Mumbai

Mumbai, one of the finest cities of India, is well known for its mouth-watering delicacies. A visit to this magnificent city is incomplete without savouring the street foods at the famous Mohammad Ali Road. The road in Khau Galli has earned its name from the legendary Mohammad Ali Jouhar who led the Khilafat Movement.

The lanes of the Mohammad Ali Road entertain the visitors and food lovers with the lips smacking delectable – kebabs, tikkas, rolls, tandoors, and many others. Street food shops, stalls and restaurants adorn the place, spreading out a delicious aroma throughout the area. Every day people flock at the road to gulp on their favourite dishes. The road is particularly crowded during the month of Ramzan when you can experience its renowned Iftar food.

The Authentic Street Foods at Mohammad Ali Road

The varieties of street food delicacies at different shops and restaurants is indeed a mesmerizing experience. The tastes of each one of them are unparalleled and sure to persuade you to come back often into this awesome place.

Wide varieties of kebabs occupy a prominent place in the area with the seekh kebabs, Tangri kebabs, tandoors and many more. The colours of them hanging across the street stalls are sure to entice you towards them and experience their unique taste.

Biriyanis are a speciality of Mohammad Ali Road, with each stalls trying out their patent recipes for creating a difference in taste for the visitors. The preparation and garnishing are done with proper care and attention, thus enhancing the beauty of the Biriyanis. The recipes have been followed for many years through generations, proudly maintaining the quality and delectable experience.

Have you ever seen how shormas are prepared? Well, if you are interested to observe and learn about them, then you must surely visit the street side shops at Mohammad Ali Road. It is interesting to watch as the seller scrapes pieces of soft chicken and prepares a roll with them along with sauces and fries.

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Nalli Nihari is one of the most delicious street foods available at the food lanes of Mohammad Ali Road. Marinated with a number of aromatic spices, it is a super tasty dish consisting of soft pieces of chicken and mutton dipped in a thick gravy.

You can also find the local delicacies of Maharashtra like the Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri etc. The staff at the food stalls and restaurants are extremely friendly and well mannered, serving each customer with care and compassion.

The Sweet Dishes

Along with the tasty starters and the main course, a meal is incomplete with some yummy desserts or sweets. You will not be disappointed if you stop by Mohammad Ali Road for lunch or dinner. There are ample shops selling authentic India sweet dishes and desserts. Phirnis served in clay pots, are to be found in almost all the street side shops in the Road. Then comes the Malpua, the pancakes of India, served with toppings of cream and sugar syrup. They are soft and melt inside the mouth, leaving you awestruck by its amazing taste. Another key attraction of the place is the Jalebis, enticing the foodies with its attractive dark brown colour.

The state famous Falooda and Kulfi are found in numerous shops and food joints in Mohammed Ali Road. Available in various flavours and toppings, these desserts are very popular among the visitors.

Special Ramadan Festivities

During the holy month of Ramadan, the entire 4 lanes of the Road keep beaming with life and entertainment. The food stalls and restaurants are filled with people, celebrating the auspicious occasion with family and friends. Special Iftar dishes are prepared and offered to the guests. A famous sweet dish called “Aflatoon” is prepared and sold during the month of Ramadan. Prominent Bollywood celebrities do sometimes visit the place to celebrate Iftar parties organized by the eminent personalities of Mumbai.

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How to reach Mohammad Ali Road?

The nearest railway station is Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Station, from where you need to walk for only 6 mins to reach the road. The other option is board and bus from anywhere in the city and get down at Chhatrapati Shivaji Bus Terminus and then walking for a distance of about 12 min. You can also hire a cab from any parts of Mumbai and reach the place directly without any walk.

is quite popular among the locals and tourists visiting Mumbai. Relishing your taste buds with some of the best street food dishes and desserts is an experience to remember and cherish.

Featured Photo of ‘India, Day 8’ by Scott Dexter under CC BY-SA 2.0


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