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If you are an avid lover of nature, then Dandeli would be your ideal choice. It is blessed with lush green forests that lay on the banks of river Kali. It is a mix of wildlife, adventure water sports, and scenic beauty. On the other hand, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is another crucial point of visiting this fascinating place. The Dandeli Adventure Sports is one of the popular tourist fascinations among travelers. A road trip to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is just fascinating. All in all, Dandeli is the place where you can spend your next vacation without any worries.

A brief overview of the place Dandeli

Apart from the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, there are other interesting things to pursue in Dandeli. If you are someone who has an ardent fascination for admiring the beauty of Mother Nature, then this place is the best one. You can also take part in Dandeli Adventure Sports that would thrill you to the core. The Dandeli tourism emphasizes providing the travelers with best in class Dandeli Packages. In this manner, visiting this place would be an ideal one if you are an ardent adventure seeker.

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Wildlife that you would witness in this place

It is fascinating to note that this place is a natural habitat for wildlife and fauna. Besides that, you would also find a lot of herbaceous species in this place. It is a place that is a natural habitat for various forms of wildlife. It includes leopards, elephants, bears, and tigers. You would be astonished to hear that it is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. It is home to various varieties of reptiles and also a vivid number of birds. Hence, you would not only witness the bliss of nature, but you would also come to terms with the real beauty of the wildlife.

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Know more about Dandeli Adventure Sports to have an enthralling trip

This place is situated by the side of River Kali in the Western Ghats. It is a favorite place for travelers as it presents the opportunity of Dandeli Adventure Sports. Hence, if you are an adventure enthusiast, then always look forward to booking the affordable Dandeli packages. You can find a lot of guides and training centers in this place who would teach you to carry out water sports. Moreover, the presence of grade 2 and three rapids over a 12-kilometer stretch is ideal for professionals as well as beginners. It would offer you myriad opportunities to thrill your soul in River Kali. Moreover, the dense tropical forests that surround this place would be an ideal spot to pursue water sports. If you are an amateur adventure seeker, then you can seek help from the training centers who would teach you the art of practicing water sports in a precise manner.

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How to reach this place?

If you want to travel to this place by train, then the nearest railway station is just 30 kilometers away. It is in the form of Alnavar Junction. On the other hand, if you want to travel to this place by road, then you can avail various private cabs from Hubli. On the contrary, pick up and drop facility is available at request from the Dandeli packages. It is also interesting to note that you can avail radio cabs from the Hubli Airport.

Dandeli photoPhoto by Karthik Narayana

The aspect of tourism in this place

You can indulge in maximum excitement as you can avail various options. For instance, you can pursue water sports as your favored adventure activity. You can also try mountain biking, cycling and river rafting in this place. You can also witness various forms of wildlife as the sanctuary is situated close to this place. Moreover, you can avail various attractive Dandeli packages to visit this place fruitfully. It would present to you an extra tinge of excitement. In this manner, visiting Dandeli would be your ideal choice if you want to experience wildlife and adventure sports at its best.

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Reasons To Pack Your Bags For Dandeli – Have An Enthralling Experience

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