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After the hectic wedding functions and rituals, you will definitely need some quality time with your partner. Andaman Island portray glorious splendor in case you are looking for a peaceful and exotic honeymoon. The beautiful blue waters, lush green forests and sandy beaches are the best place to relax and enjoy honeymoon with your spouse.

Here are the top reasons to book your honeymoon in Andaman Islands:

Unpopulated Islands

After the tiring and stressful wedding celebration, going to a place which is away from the busy city life is always a right decision. Andaman offers that perfect getaway to relax and spend more precious time with your spouse. It is an amazing destination to enjoy the company of your better half amidst of nature. The natural setting of the islands is the flawless background for a picture perfect romantic honeymoon. Because of the sparse population, the beaches here are spick and span, with the pure turquoise color clear water. You can visit the serene beaches of Corbyn’s Cove, Elephant Island and Long Island to discover an atmosphere that you never felt before. Enjoy the beautiful and mesmerizing views of the skies merging with the ocean as you relax and enjoy every moment of your trip.

Numerous adventure and exciting water sports activities

Walk on the seabed with your better half and enjoy the marine life closely. Visit the North Bay Island and take an underwater stroll on the soft sea bed as you see colorful marine animals swish past you. You just need to wear a helmet and descend into the sea; get used to the fantastic weightlessness feeling and then look around millions of fishes and vibrant corals shining like jewels underwater. Thus, you and your partner can explore this wonderland together. You do not need any diving or swimming experience to enjoy such kind of activity. Apart from this, jet skiing, sport fishing, paragliding, snorkeling and scuba diving are some of the other fascinating activities that you can explore. Snorkeling is one of the magnificent ways to enjoy the view of colorful corals in the clear blue waters. Elephant Beach and Jolly Buoy in the Havelock Island are the best-known places for snorkeling. You can also visit the Baratang Island to see the naturally formed limestone caves.

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Fantastic Bio-diversity

Well-known for its pristine islands and crystal clear beaches, Andaman is also blessed with majestic flora and fauna. Each and every island and the tropical rain forests have amazing bio-diversity. Carry a nice camera, take your partner out and click some eye-catching photographs with a treasure trove of nature’s abundance. You can also spot animals like spotted deer, saltwater crocodiles, feral elephants and many more. To enjoy some adventure, you can sneak into the dark caves as well. Baratang Island is one such phenomenal place known for limestone caves and mud volcanoes. Being on the Andaman islands, one can feel like being in an adventurous Hollywood movie, where you hop from one forest to another and discover various strange islands in the process. In addition to this, Andaman can be amazingly beautiful when you have your loved one with you.

Fascinating beaches

A home to some of Asia’s best beaches, Andaman is known for some of its spectacular beaches like Radhanagar beach located in the Havelock Island. Sandwiched between turquoise waters of Bay of Bengal and green forest cover, the beach is a heaven on earth. Adorned with black rocks, the Kala Pathar beach is also a romantic place far away from the maddening crowd. In case you want to enjoy snorkeling to watch colorful corals and swimming then Laxmanpur Beach at Neil Island is worth visiting. The sunsets here are spectacular and worth watching. Later on, unwind at your hotel over a sun-downer and enjoy a candlelight dinner under the stars.

Happy Honeymoon!


Reasons Why Andaman Is A Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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