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Raniji Ki Baori, A Noted Stepwell In Bundi Town, Rajasthan

Bundi is a cultural as well as an artistic town situated in the northwestern region of Rajasthan. There are a lot of palaces, forts, stepwells and buzzing markets in Bundi. The place is known as Chhoti Kashi  (smaller Kashi) as it has a lot of temples. Raniji ki Baori or Queen’s stepwell is one of the notable stepwells in the state of Rajasthan in India.  In olden times, stepwells were meant to preserve the rainwater due to water shortage.  Not only the women of the families gathered here for their entertainment but also overlooked their domestic chores. This Baori is the oldest stepwell in Bundi. Ranaji ki Baori is located at a distance of 210 km from the commercial pink city of Jaipur.

Although these ancient and majestic stepwells are no longer used for the same old purpose they definitely are unique structures where we can learn and understand the historical significances of culturally rich Indian states.

The Architecture of the Magnificent Stepwell

Photo of ‘Raniji-Ki-Baori’ by Gwen Fran under CC BY-SA 2.0

Raniji ki Baori is an architectural marvel, considering the intricately carved pillars and decorative arches of gates. The stepwell is 46 metres deep while there are spots of worship at each floor. This medieval Raniji ki Baori has a beautiful entrance of four pillars that opens up a new world of wondrous structure. There are well-made elephant sculptures that adorn the corners of the same floor. It feels as if they have been waiting to warmly welcome us and appreciate this place. There are numerous ogee brackets where a tourist can enjoy various compositions and creative frames for their photography.

This stepwell runs 150 feet deep. Being multi-storeyed, there are niches and small temples on each floor. Now, this has become a famous spot of picnic for the locals and tourists, there are food stalls nearby this Baori, too. The remarkable thing about these deep stepwells is the titillating play of shadows and the overwhelming warmth it delivers to any visitor.

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The Historic Significance of Raniji ki Baori

King Rao Raja Anirudh Singh under his patronage and by the wish of his youngest wife Rani Nathavati began the construction of Raniji ki Baori in 1699. It indeed epitomizes his unbound love for the queen and her wishes. Apparently owing to the discontent of giving away her son’s custody to the elder queen, Rani Nathvati diverted her attention to philanthropic deeds. Stepwell was one of such ventures by her.

The consecutive trio archways at each floor will definitely make you feel royal as you climb down reaching the lowest levels of this stepwell. A lot of other spots can be clubbed with this stepwell to give an amazing experience while you visit Bundi. The Raniji ki Baori, although one of the oldest ones, its structure stands undeteriorated and intact as it was before.

Featured Photo of ‘Raniji-Ki-Baori’ by Gwen Fran under CC BY-SA 2.0

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